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Review: Mary Chia Womb Care Detox Therapy With Cimu Therapeutic Oil


You may very naturally associate Mary Chia with spa services: specialising in slimming technology, massages and beautifying facials.
When I was invited by Mary Chia to experience their newly launched (@ November 2013)

However, I have been travelling quite a bit over December 2013 till now and have actually just returned from a trip a couple of days back,
it was painstakingly difficult to grab a common date to drop by Mary Chia @ Gold Hill Centre
Finally after uncountable emails flying over our servers, we finally settled on a day in January 2014 for Karen and myself to head over for the treatment


My elegant outfit was a gift from Karen
I just had to model it to show Karen how tasteful she is~



If you’re from the 80s, oh yes.. we all grew up with Chen Li Ping AiYoYo
She is the most recent ambassador of Mary Chia and their collaboration captured the attention of our local media
I found myself wanting to check out new new image after effective weight loss with Mary Chia’s programmes
& I was appalled at how stunning she looked at the press conference then~


When I arrived, Karen was already in her therapy room and I was ushered to take a seat in the consultation room.
Honestly, I have not been to a spa/beauty centre in Singapore for more than 6 years and the last impression I had of a room like this was:
I have to sit through an upselling ordeal again?~!

This is absolutely not the case with Mary Chia
A consultation room does serves its purpose
I was introduced to Yvette and she sat me down and started to prompt relevant questions to understand my current state of health

Ms Yvette Chiang is definitely not a new face in the spa & wellness industry.
As a veteran spa professional with over 20 years of experience, Yvette specializes particularly in holistic women wellness care.
Yvette developed a comprehensive range of pre and post-natal treatment therapies designed to help women maintain overall womb and ovary wellness, enhance the ability to conceive and to help women regain their pre-pregnancy physique and constitution after birth.

She is one of the four UK-certified Baby Planners by Raworth College UK Certification – Massage, Physio & Anatomy, Aromatherapy,
Yvette is also available for personalized one-to-one private consultations for women planning to conceive or have just conceived and would like to seek for pregnancy-related advice.

In this Womb Care Detox Therapy, the process is meant to promote better overall health for ladies.
I have a very inconsistent menstal cycle and weak appetite on the whole, Ms Yvette Chiang explains that this therapy can be used to improve the consistency of the mentral cycle and alike with TCM, the continual treatment with this therapy will bring up the qualityof my wellbeing


Tha small door on the left is the entrance to the steam bath and the make up counter has everything you need to doll up after the session.
I did not have the chance to take more photos throughout the therapy this round.
Hence I will have to narrate with words on what I went through during the 75 minutes in the Womb Care Detox Therapy With Cimu Therapeutic Oil


For centuries, Indonesian people have benefited from the healing powers of herbs gifted by Mother Nature through Indonesia’s rich tropical rainforests. It is here where the wisdom of Cimu originates. Essentially, Cimu oil is created by specially blending medicinal roots, bark, leaves with specially selected fruits and flowers. These exceptional herbs have been widely used for health & beauty care, and have been used to treat minor illnesses, whilst increasing one’s vitality & virility. This special Cimu blend is very effective in relieving fatigue in feet, legs, neck and back. Cimu can also alleviate common women’s health issues and to maintain a beautiful complexion.

With the combination of Cimu body and womb massage, detox steam therapy & a womb care herbal masque application, the Womb Care Detox Therapy is a natural healing treatment which aids the body’s detoxification abilities, helping to flush out excess water retention and accumulated toxins to achieve a slimmer and healthier physique. This massage therapy plays an important part in the restoration of the abdominal muscle wall & the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign the body weight to its original distribution, & tones the over-stretched areas of skin on the belly.


1. 30-min Full Body Massage, including Womb Massage using Cimu Oil

The therapist uses deep acupressure point massage and could even explain to me the reason behind my lack of appetite
She mentioned that the entrance of my stomach is seemingly shut off, leaving only a very small leeway connected to the oesophagus
Therefore, I will not feel hunger
Over time, the massage can assist overcoming my appetite problems

2. Womb Care Masque Application

The Masque is basically made up of different kinds of herbs
Placed in a special mix and sealed onto my body with tight wraps

3. Detox Steam Therapy

 After I’m all wrapped up, they placed me in the steam room for an optimal of 30 minutes
(If you are not comfortable staying in the steam room for too long, you may also opt to exit earlier than 30 minutes)
The basic purpose of holding up in the steam room is to allow the masque to be better absorbed and at the same time, we detox by perspiration as well


After the therapy, it was indeed refreshing
As this therapy would better show results after continual visits, I did not feel any major differences except where my womb area got a very good work out through the massage and there was some discomfort the next day
Similar to muscle aches after a strenous workout


To make an appointment with Yvette, please email to

Womb Care Detox Therapy With Cimu Therapeutic Oil
S$380/ 75-min

183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road
Singapore  307628
Tel:  6250 7949

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