Why Are You So Harsh?


I get this a lot…

I exude my harshness through every kind of medium you can ever think of:
– In person
– Through writing
– Over the phone
– In emails

yes, you get the drift
Most people conveniently forget the fact that I do give whoever-facing-me a chance to do save themselves and I was even being nice before the bitch sets in
However, people like to focus on the harsh parts instead of the being-nice part
Well, I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to do their job well
I repeat… AN opportunity
Screw it up and you have no right to ask for another one
So suck it up and face the music


Don’t get me wrong!


I’m definitely reasonable and I don’t expect something out of the blue
Just a few examples here

1) You’re a waitress & you take orders
but you screwed up my order and you took 20 minutes to fetch water when the bar was just next to me


2) You’re a retail sales assistant & you assist me in my purchases
I’m your only customer who passed you ONE pair of shoes… But you got my shoe size and colour wrong


3) You’re an Account Manager & you manage me as your client
You did a complete sales pitch reading off template slides and without doing prior research


4) You’re an online business and you pride yourself with prompt delivery
My paid order disappeared in your system and none of the things I paid for showed up
In this instance, I need to mention the name – REDMART.COM
So your customer service didn’t reply my emails, did nothing to salvage the situation except for arranging for another delivery after a good 2 weeks from point of order
Your service wasn’t very kind on the phone as well

I can seriously go on and on but I shan’t bore you with 365 events coz I really do experience them daily
& this leads to the first great reason of being harsh
Try dealing with stupidity on a daily basis with professionals who aren’t meant to be dumb

First 5 Reasons Why I’m Harsh

#1 Be Nice & You will get what you want?

If you think you met someone nice… THINK AGAIN


It NEVER pays to be nice!
So Cut the Act!
Be Nice in appropriate situations and not to someone who totally doesn’t deserve it!
I behave in a manner to achieve my objective in the shortest way possible while if you insist, you can be a nice person till the cows come home

#2 Life is not meant to be a bed of roses!

There were many moments in my life where I look at people around me and wonder why they got everything so smoothly
Was there so much good karma accumulated that they never had to experience hardship while I go through shitholes after shitholes and emerge from shitholes looking at all dumbasses around me who had no complete idea of their magnitude of stupidity?

I’m just a charitable soul by being harsh
At the very least you now know that you’re way below the median of intelligence instead of living in denial which everyone allows you to…


#3 I never got it easy, neither should you!

Life itself has been harsh on me, everything that could have ever went wrong, went wrong in every single aspect
If you’re sitting there sulking on some useless piece of argument… I doubt you can ever wake up your idea anyway
So yea, I hope you experience something catastrophic so that I can finally feel like there’s some fairness in this world

I’d also like to think that Life has challenges for me coz Life knows I can make it while you can’t~

#4 Low tolerance for stupidity


Nobody taught me intelligence too
You can’t derive it from books and it’s definitely not correlated to education
My time is precious enough to not be spent on you

#5 Because I’m worth more than you

Because I'm worth it

Everyone deserves to feel this way!
I love myself and put priority over myself in an enormous way that you’re just dust…


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