What’s on the 29th Floor?


I would like to dedicate this post to 3 people
1) Smith Leong who helped photoshop all the pictures here and gave me awesome ideas to write
2) Kevin – the friend who I bumped into and received cold treatment from me just coz I couldn’t recognize him
This is the reason why I reacted this way to men who approach me randomly on the streets3) The man who took the shots for me!

So What’s on the 29th Floor?

The office I’m working at sits on the 29th Floor
that serves the basis of this story
Every morning I meet the peak hour crowd in the building at the lift lobby and would push the 29th Floor button
One fateful morning, there was just this dude in the lift with me and after I pushed the button,
His pickup line was: “So What’s on the 29th Floor?”

Logically, the entire tower is filled with offices
So what do you expect to find on the 29th Floor?



Count that dude suay
That very day, I didn’t have a good morning at all
with a series of unfortunate events happened even before I arrived at the office tower
hence, my mood was definitely not at its best
He pushed the 24th floor button and went on to say…

Dude: “So what’s on the 29th Floor?”
Me: What has it got to do with you?
Dude: Just wondering..
Me: Oh shut up and get out on your 24th floor!


The Ugly Toad

So Smith and I came up with simulated situations
Like in the event if the dude was an ugly toad…

Dude: “So what’s on the 29th Floor?”
Me: *croak croak* — silence
Me: Really? Have you ever checked yourself out in the mirror before?


The Cute One

Come on, the world is an unfair place to be in
We all know it!
Given that if a cute guy picks you up in the elevator, I’m sure he would have gotten it easy
Superficial as such….

Dude: “So what’s on the 29th Floor?”
Me: You wanna have coffee on the 29th floor at 10am?

– immediate acceptance –


The Ah Beng

One thing for sure, I would have reacted in a much better way if the dude was an ah beng
coz I can find the lian-beng connection!
and therefore, insert some sense of affection to the beng

Dude: “hello You which floor one?”
Me: Li huan lo! Bo li eh daiji!


Jay Chou

Just a side illusion
If Jay Chou was ever in the same confined space as me, I would have hyperventilated and blacked out

Jay Chou: “So what’s on the 29th Floor?”
Me: *breathes hard* I LOVE YOU Jay!


Horny Day

Almost an impossible event that the following dialogue would happen…

Dude: “So what’s on the 29th Floor?”
Me: Would you like to go ‘HIGHER’ with me?

it would require several confirmed parameters such as a combination of having a cute guy plus a great bod and a smooth talker
Not forgetting that I also need to be in the #50Shades mood!


Comic Relief for your Mid Week Blues!

To all the guys who’s still attempting your moves this way
Please reflect upon yourself
This day and age, you ought to be shot!


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