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Weight : A Numeric Battle

Last night in a club, a lady walked up to me and said to me enviously:

” You’re so skinny!”

There was a moment of confusion – Was that a compliment? A negative remark? Simply an Ignorant statement….
Her frame was tiny! Her Limbs were in every sense smaller than mine ~

Countless girls are churned into scrawny looking humans & they still think they are not thin enough. The psychological impression of themselves is always bigger than what the public perceived them to be. The detrimental effects of this social torment is rampant.


I am unable to recall when did the social concerns of being thin arrived at such a dramatic stage. I remembered a time where I went to school not giving a damn whether I can fit into a smaller sized uniform & there was zero concerns about being physically bigger than your peers. Our parents basically bought bigger uniforms so they can save money when you eventually grow into it. Looking good and stamping cosmetics on your face never happened while I was studying.

My Weight History

At 17, I gained 14kg in 2 years. Tipping the scales at 62kg, there was not a single sense of paranoia. Neither was there any idea about wanting to shed the excess weight off.

At 21, I dropped 8kg in a month from a depressing event. 54kg then seems like a normal weight for a 1.68m frame. It is the most unhealthy way of losing weight (not intentionally of course) – starving myself + emotional downfall.

At 24, I’m back at 60kg from an amazing appetite and a group of foodies as colleagues. When my suits got too small for me, I went out to get bigger ones. There was no way I was going to compromise on food.

At 27, it was an all time low at 51kg. I hated my job, hated my boss, hated how I looked. Looking back, this is a stage where most girls would have gone through when they are younger than 27 =p
Coupled with some expected turn of events, I found all forms of excuses for not eating. My sunken cheeks and malnutrition-ed look is now documented in my PASSPORT!


I was completely unaware of whether everyone was obsessed with weight loss at that time. But I was….

Hunger was like a norm and I would go to sleep with my stomach growling coz I skipped dinner. I found comfort in being able to fit beautiful dresses and ignored what was going on in my everyday work.
For every food intake, I would make sure I worked out that very day. There were inevitable client meetings where you need to eat with them, I hid the image that I didn’t want food – so I ate. The amount of guilt for eating was overwhelming and I would be doing evening runs of 10km just to feel better.

I weighed myself every morning and every time before I turn in. Every deduction off the scales would make me happy and every increase would make me upset.


That was a dark period & Nobody deserves to go through that!

Weight is seriously just a numeric battle!

Being comfortable with yourself and staying healthy & happy will naturally lead you to a optimal lifestyle. I have maintained my weight of 54kg since then. The most common indication of a healthy weight would be the BMI. Mine has always been at 19.5 & it’s a very healthy one!

There are several websites that provide a BMI calculator and this is one of them:



We have probably heard this 10 million times over – mentioned 24/7 by yourself or people around you.
Seriously, WHY????

Good Reasons VS Lousy Excuses

Both spurs you on but you need to come to terms with 2 things:

1. Do you REALLY want to lose weight?
2. Will you REALLY do it?

If the answer is NO to both – Please SHUT UP coz You can’t even be honest with yourself, let alone to others.
It’s absolute rubbish and you need to STOP WHINING.

If the answer is Yes to No.1 and Unsure to No.2 – I recommend you to read Jade’s Weight-loss Journey as an inspirational guide!
Jade greatly impresses me with her healthy approach and her commitment to the objective. It is a Living Example that it can be done!

With Good Reasons in your bag, you would just head all out to achieve the figure you want and there is usually no/lesser rantings on your weight. There are also people who uses this statement for the sake of it – to blend in with everyone else. The ones who Whine can be dismissed immediately.


Staying Beautiful

There is every right to want to stay Beautiful & I’m saying that everyone SHOULD work towards this. However, everything requires a balance and we all know obsession kills.

Ladies – There is no NEED for losing weight when you already have an acceptable one. For those who wants it for vanity reasons, please go on a healthy track.


2 thoughts on “Weight : A Numeric Battle

  1. Hey babe!! Thanks for writing this post and sharing about your history; I agree that many people battle with weight and there are also many who lament about their weight problems. It is difficult to start but once the first step is taken, it’s half the battle won. After chatting with you previously, I have come to the conclusion that you are a very strong girl and I think you look awesome! I like your perspective on this topic. Thank you so much also for liking and recommending my weight loss story! :O)

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