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Waffles with Sunday Folks


Are you in love with Waffles and Pancakes?
Just like me?

Recently, I’ve just learnt that….



But Yes, I would go lengths for good waffles and this is definitely a MUST TRY!
My girlfriends suggested a meet up in the west side
Holland Village is always the best area to meet up for all of us, since it’s within the vicinity~

I had no idea that there was SUNDAY FOLKS
and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of waffles they have!


There were 6 of us at the table
We ordered 3 waffles to be shared
How it basically works:
You queue up at the counter and design your own waffle dish by ordering
1. the waffle flavour [ in the above case, it’s gula melaka waffle ]
2. select the soft serve flavour [again, it’s gula melaka ]
3. Pick a few toppings and they are all individually priced [ we picked gula melaka mochi, blueberries and strawberries ]

The gula melaka infested waffle was THE BEST!

Did you realised that the ice cream is soft serve and not the usual scoops where they dug out from tubs?
extremely fresh and lovely!


Then, we went for a normal waffle with chocolate soft serve
and choco bits
Too normal but the crispy waffle was the ultimate joy!


Matcha waffle with matcha soft serve
I forgot what those transparent little cubes are by the side
Coz by the time this was served, I was already filled up
There was no more space in my tummy for a hearty bite…


A slice of the Matcha cake to complete our sweet treat
Not like the waffles ain’t fulfilling enough, but just gotta try out the light-weighted matcha cake
It totally wasn’t too much to take!
Filled with green tea aroma, a mouth or 2 would make you crave for more!



It’s my first time sipping these sparkling juices
Have not seen them elsewhere
The White Grape Fruit Juice was simply heavenly!

Sunday Folks


Closed on Mondays
Open from Tuesdays to Fridays 4pm to 9.30pm
Saturdays + Sundays 12noon to 10pm


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