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V Gallery Cucumber Vodka Cocktail Recipe

My collection of V Gallery Vodka includes the above + a couple more brand new bottles of the Cucumber Vodka
I’m already into my 2nd bottle of Cucumber Vodka at this point & guess which is my favourite flavour?



Here’s my take on the various flavours on rocks:
Mango Crush — Juicy mango tango for sweet-lovers like myself
Marshmallow — A lil out of place at the first taste, but it gets better through the whole drink
Toffee Fudge — Real toffee goodness & Mr R recently discovered that it goes best with Coke
Cucumber — Akin to its gin cousin, easy on the tastebuds and works well with soda

All V Gallery Vodkas are sweet to start with, drink on rocks to enjoy the actual flavour before advancing to cocktail making

I’d like to declare that I did not pay for my bottles but this still constitutes to a genuine review and here’s why:
The very generous owners of V Gallery Vodka gave them to me when I expressed that I wanted to buy them coz I like them so much!
(3 months ago, this was not available for retail sale in Singapore)
Nothing was expected out of this which made this review a voluntary one

I’d like to thank my girlfriend V (coincidentally) for helping to carry these bottles to her office
& of course Mr R for carrying them home from her office

” V Gallery Vodka combines Italian style with UK innovation in a new and exciting range of award-winning flavoured vodka spirits. Blended using the smoothest 5 x distilled Italian grain vodka with the finest flavours and bottled here in the UK to produce 4 fun flavoured vodka spirits focused on their great taste and versatility.”


V Gallery Cucumber Vodka Cocktail Recipe

– 1 Zucchini
– 1 Large Lime
– Ice Cubes
– V Gallery Cucumber Vodka
– Hendrick’s Gin
– Schweppes Soda


sidenote: I bought a 12 piece cocktail making set on Qoo10


Prepare the Zucchini
I used the grater to get thin Zucchini slices and a thick chunk as a stirrer



Then I went on to conveniently cut and squeeze the lime~
2 things:
#1 Extreme laziness prevented me from bringing out the juicer which could have given more lime juice out from that large lime
#2 I’m a FOOL! I forgot to put the ice cube first

you will see what I mean….




This serves 2
2 oz of V Gallery Cucumber Vodka
1 oz of Hendrick’s Gin Why? coz I love it!


Stir it up
The ice in there ensures that the mixture stays chilled all the time!
& also dilutes it a lil so it’s an excuse to put more alcohol in!


Pour in the Soda…

& Get your glasses READY!



Where to Buy?

V Gallery Vodkas are now available on

A miniature starter gift set is also available at only S$25.00
Set contains 4 x 5cl Miniature bottles of V Gallery including Mango, Toffee Fudge, Marshmallow and Cucumber.

Hope you like this! &
Visit V Gallery Vodka on their Facebook ~

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