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Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm in JB


Looking Great @ 7:30am on a Sunday morning!
It’s a rare occasion that I’m out and about this early – & this time, it’s for DURIANS!

My friends & I came across a Facebook Page for the durian stall and apparently,
many Singaporeans have been driving in for the good quality durians!

23-7-2013 2-20-42 AM

Just 19km away from Tuas Checkpoint
& Tuas Checkpoint is just 8 minutes away from my home~
Seems like a worthy trip!


It’s relaxing when you’re not the designated driver…
Sprawled in the backseat & catching some rest during the drive!

My friends are so familiar with the roads of JB that we managed to get there without wasting any time trying to locate it!
When you see durian trees.. You know you’re near!




The place looks like a makeshift durian stall out of nowhere in the woods [next to a cemetry]
I was expecting loads of durians and this appears to be way below estimation.
According to the uncle, if we wait for another hour, they are expecting a new lorry-load of durians to arrive…

I was grumpy & totally not interested in waiting coz I’m exposing myself to an extended period of time for mozzies to feast on my lovely sweet blood!

Tips for your Durian trip:
1) Mozzie Repellent – I was instantly savoured by the commando mozzies there
2) Wet Wipes – or would you rather wash your hands from a barrel of water which you’re not sure what’s the source of it & who used it before
3) Bring your own drink – prevent getting thirsty and realised that they do not sell drinks
4) Shades + Umbrella – Suffer from the blazing heat if you think brollies are for aunties only
5) Tiger Balm – Cure that itch when bitten by different insects




The guy opens the durians for you and at this moment, gazillion of flies will be hitting your table
I’ve never had the experience of having to fight for my food with flies before, but with durians, I was completely outnumbered in the attack!

That explains why my friends ate the durians in lightning speed.
You wouldn’t want them to be contaminated by flies



We ate mostly D24 durians
????? is sold out but will arrive with that later batch of durians which I’m totally unwilling to wait


The durian was good!
Other than the dirty and flies-infested environment, I would gladly savour 10 of it in the comfort of my own home =p

Was it good enough to go through this experience again?
I would much rather buy those that are pre-packaged from NTUC

Upon leaving, more and more Singaporean cars turned into the venue and almost all the tables were occupied~


Those durians filled us up and we only experienced hunger at 5:30pm
We drove on to NEW LUCKY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT [near Sentosa] for dinner
The objective was to have the ????:
2 slabs of Codfish cooked in 2 different styles – steamed and fried
in one dish


That day, the codfish was exceptionally fishy and it wasn’t that great.
To make up for it, mama cooked codfish tonight for dinner and it’s way better!!


Hotplate Beancurd


Ostrich Meat


Pork Belly with Salted Fish

Too much meat for a meal, nonetheless still very hearty!

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