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Unboxing Beauty Box


Have you heard of


I received my Althea Beauty Box some weeks ago
Like how we’re all excited about opening presents, I ripped it apart immediately
Only to find all the potential contenders to replace my current BB Cream that has already been discontinued in Korea
With a skip in my heartbeat, I thought all was lost
Not until came to the rescue

Check out my unboxing process!


A pink box never goes wrong~
What to do with it after?
Use to store other stuff since it’s really sturdy!

IMG_6843 is a platform which connects all of us to an array of korean make up!
YES, Korean cosmetics!!!
Initially I also mistook for a company that provides beauty samples in a box where you have to subscribe to it and get your surprises on a monthly basis…
But NO!
It’s a very basic online shopping experience with differing brands all at the best prices!

Why Buy from

#1 Makeup Supermarket Online

If all our normal grocery supermarkets are making their mark online, why shouldn’t you try to buy makeup online where you can scoop out all the major brands in a glance?


#2 Free Shipping from Korea


#3 Best Price Guarantee


#4 30-day Refund Policy


#5 Since when Makeup is enough?

It never is!
So what if I only have a pair of eyes and a lip, I’d need all that bb cream and lip colours that you have~


BB Creams in my Box

1) Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23


Missha is a familiar brand to all
Came to our shores once, closed and returning to our stores once again
I’ve tried this before and the coverage is excellent
I would say that you can safely replace this with your foundation and just dust compact powder over to suffice

2) Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in W42


Also armed with coverage content
This bb cream is highly raved about from Etude house
Focusing mainly on Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Darkening


3) TonyMoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream in 3


I can’t remember the last time I came across a TonyMoly store
This would be at the top of my priority to try
I absolutely love products that gives a luminous finish and hope that it will be true to its words

4) Banila Co V-V Bouncing Cushion in BE20


Limited Edition packaging from Banila Co
If  you haven’t heard of the brand, it has been established in Korea since 2005 and has been bringing beautiful makeup packaging to the Korean market


It’s gonna be my first time trying this cushion sort of liquid base
Read so much about it and would love to give it a shot

It also comes with a refill pack!


I will be testing them out in another post!
Keep a lookout for the product review~
Till then… <tada>


V-V Bouncing Cushion

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