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Tutorial on Soak off for Gel, Acrylics & Tips

What do you need:

Nail Vibe Soak Off Solution in 250ml or 500ml

Nail Vibe Lint Free Wipes or Cotton Balls

Black Nail File

Cuticle Pusher

Nail Buffer

10 small pieces of aluminium foils

Step 1

For nail tips > Use Cuticle Pusher to pry the corner of the tips at the bottom of your nail bed. Look for gaps to loosen the grip between your nail and the tip. You should be able to remove the entire nail tip. If the grip is too strong, follow directions below.

For Gel & Acrylics > Use Black Nail File to file the surface of your nail to remove the gloss from the uv top gel.
As much as possible, file all the way down to have a remaining thin layer of gel/acrylics left.

Step 2

Wet the Nail Vibe Lint Free Wipes or Cotton Balls with Nail Vibe Soak Off Solution

*note: the cotton ball should not be dripping wet

Thereafter, place the cotton ball with the solution on to your nail.
Using a piece of aluminium foil, wrap each finger up to prevent evaporation of the soak off solution.

Soak for approximately 15 minutes.

Step 3

Remove the aluminium foils and clean off the melted acrylics/gel/tips.
In the event that there’s still traces of it stuck onto the nail bed, use the nail file to rough it off.

Smoothen your nail surface with Nail Buffer

Nail Vibe highly recommends the following treatments to strengthen your nails.
These products are listed in order of priority:
Ecrinal Strengthening Nail Cream + Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener
Poshe Nail Strengthening Base Coat
NailTek Xtra

Topping it off, use Avoplex Cuticle Oil to go for daily cuticle care!


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