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Tutorial: Nail Art with Holographic Glitter Pots


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Too stunning to be true!
I’ve got mixed feedback from customers so far
From the excited ones to the disappointed ones who can’t seem to get these glitters to stay on their nails
So here comes a short video tutorial where the glitters have been sealed tight and pretty for the last 14 days!


Now at S$8.90 per pot
Free local mail for all orders, no minimum purchase~

Video Tutorial


It is recommended to use these glitter plates with Gel polish for the following reasons:
1. Easy arrangements of the glitter plates to your liking, without having to worry whether the coat of nail polish paint is drying up
2. Smooth finish after the top gel since it’s of a thicker texture
For one, I really hate to feel the staggering ends of the glitters on the surface of the nails
3. More secure manicure that will last you for a minimum of 14 days – like mine!



If you have any question, feel free to check back with me on Facebook or email or leaving a comment here~



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