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Tutorial :: Leopard Prints with Gel Polish

The last time I drew Leopard Prints on my nails was 4 years ago!
At that time, the only materials available for us to achieve this was:
Nail Polish, Acrylic Paint, Hard & Soft Gel and Acrylic powders

Advancements in the Nail Industry has brought us the amazing Gel Polish!


My short tutorial on how to attain this look



Prep your nail.
Using an efficient Nail File with course grit, gently file until the surface of your nails are rough
Tip: Ensure every area of your nail is roughen to avoid Gel Polish from peeling off prematurely.


Apply Harmony Gelish PhBond to dehydrate the nail surface


Apply a thin layer of Harmony Gelish Foundation Base Gel.


Cure in UV Lamp for 2 minutes after Foundation Base Gel Application.
Tip: For LED Lamps, only 45 seconds is required.


Apply a Thin Layer of a Soak-Off Gel Polish Colour of your own.
Tip: Keep all layers thin and evenly spreaded for longer lasting gel manicures.
Repeat Step 4 for curing


A second coating of the colour to be applied to give consistency to the outlook.
Repeat Step 4 for curing.


Using an assortment of colours of your choice, make 4 random dots using the fine tip of the Gel Polish Brush.
Repeat Step 4 for curing.


Make very brief contact with the Gel Polish Brush with the dotting tool.
The dotting tool can not only create polka dots, it can also make random shapes and lines.


Trace the outline of the dots you placed in Step 7 to create the Leopard Prints look.
Repeat Step 4 for curing.
Lastly, complete your look with Harmony Gelish Top It Off & Repeat Step 4 for curing.


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