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Travelling with BSoul Sunday Morning & HydraLip


The amount of sun damage is alarming visible within the first day of a beach holiday
How do I know this?

Just by checking out how badly Mr R was burnt after 2 hours suntanning on the Kamari Beach


While I’m spamming BSoul Sunday Morning Orientale every day before I head out


I had NO BURNS, NO TAN LINES whatsoever
That’s how amazing this sunblock is!


Sunday Morning “Orientale” (Low Protection)

‘Orientale’ belongs to the lowest range of sunscreen amongst the Sunday Morning Collection by BSoul


A low protection sunscreen cream with photo-stable filter system
Antioxidant and refreshing, it is perfect before sunbath as light sun protection
Fluid and light, it makes the skin radiant and moisturized
It contains UVA and UVB sunscreen filters


Reapply when necessary!
The sunscreen is light weight and non greasy
Glides on really smoothly and gets absorbed by the skin almost instantly


It is honestly the BEST SUNSCREEN I’ve ever used in life


I can safely walk out of the shade and enjoy a beach holiday without having to worry about getting an uneven tan or burn


Where to Buy

$70 for 150ml



Hydra-lip is a cream that is rich in natural functional ingredients.
It improves moisturizing from the first application and enhances the volume and the definition of the lips.


A perfect travelling companion that fits snugly into most cosmetic pouches or even clutches

If you have been using a lot of lip products made with synthetic ingredients, during the initial stage of using HydraLip, you will find flakes coming off as you massage the cream into your lips.
It is normal as those could be the “dead skin” or even those silicones that other products contain.


Where to Buy

HydraLip retails at SGD$52

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