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Tokyo Luxey: Unique Japanese brands all in a Box

15-5-2014 3-01-30 AM



Have you heard?
Have you watched?
Spot my girlfriend Karen as one of the faces of Tokyo Luxey!

Tokyo Luxey’s very own Luxe MakeOver TV Series
Currently at its 4th episode
Make Up Artist Mr Nobuto Yanagi goes around town with his troop to help ladies makeover on the streets of Singapore
If you’re lucky enough to meet him, do join in the party!


Tokyo Luxey features an assortment of unique Japanese make up brands
which are only available through them!
This month, Tokyo Luxey has a Special Edition Japanese Cosmetic Gift Box for grabs









Here’s what you’re getting for just SGD39.00


I was also given the luxury to have my hands onto some of the products


The Wash oil is made of organic soybean oil with essential oils according to the purpose. Soybean oil contains high ratio of lecithin, sterols, Vitamins A, E and K.
I used the wash oil on my plain dry skin or on make up as a remover and rinse with water after.
The wash oil forms an emulsion on your skin during the wash and leaves your skin supple and emollient after rinsing.

The other Make It & Co. product is an Anti Aging Premium Gel
It is packed with actives to help the skin look and feel softer, supple and younger. Macadamia Nut oil has excellent anti aging properties due to its richness in anti oxidants and vitamins.
Rose Floral water is also included for its toning effects


FleurDeMer Moisturizer and Detox Masque
I have not had the chance to try out on the detox masque as some of you may know that my skin is still recovering from the recent laser resurfacing procedure
Due to its sensitivity right now, I’m not using any products other than Skincerity and the FleurDeMer Moisturizer
During the recovery process when my skin was all dry and peeling, I’ve had the FleurDeMer Moisturizer shielding me from harm
The creme moisturizer gives you an extremely moisturized feel for a good 8 hours and I feel hydrated throughout!


Like me, you can also become a Luxey!
Sign up now IF YOU:

  • Possesses her own ,independent lifestyle
  • ?Is ever-striving for luxury
  • ?Has a strong interest in beauty and lifestyle-related goods and information
  • ?Disseminates information through the active use of blogging and social media
  • ?Regularly shares information about beauty and lifestyle goods
  • ?Values and frequently uses beauty and lifestyle goods made in or originating from Japan
  • ?Values quality over price when making purchases involving beauty and lifestyle goods
  • ?Is a trendsetter

Your role after being accepted as a LUXEY

  • ?Try beauty and lifestyle goods supplied by TOKYO LUXEY and publish reviews of the products on your blog and via social media channels
  • ?Publish beauty and lifestyle-related content and information supplied by TOKYO LUXEY on your blog and via social media
  • ?Share and introduce the content from your blog and social media accounts to the TOKYO LUXEY site’s timeline
  • ?Introduce TOKYO LUXEY to friends who you feel would be appropriate for our community

What you get as a LUXEY

  • ?Receive exclusive & new Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related information and content from TOKYO LUXEY
  • ?Sample exclusive beauty and lifestyle products from Japan
  • ?Participate in the joint development of Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related goods via TOKYO LUXEY sponsored programs
  • ?Receive special pricing reserved only for TOKYO LUXEY members on products that you sampled
  • ?Become eligible to participate in TOKYO LUXEY’s affiliate program (details will be sent separately)
  • ?Become eligible to participate in exclusive experiences sponsored by TOKYO LUXEY (e.g. a makeup session with a famous Japanese makeup artist)
  • ?Special invitations to Japan will be offered to individuals who are recognized for remarkable involvement or results as a LUXEY

If you’re into Japanese cosmetic brands, I’m sure you will be as thrilled as me!

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