Thugs Part 3: Your Key to Knowing the Good

The last instalment of my guide to Thugs
Since the last time I touched on the subject in September 2013, it’s been a good frame of time for me to re-gather the types of “thugs” who lurk all around us!

Just a refresher:

“Thugs” are not bad or evil men, they’re just Men with WEAK Points

It’s alright to not know what you want, but it’s important to know what you never ever want to see in your partner~
It’s perfectly fine to date some wrong ones and you will know it when the right one comes along~

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Onward with the addition of thugs….

15) Mommy’s Pet


The infantile disease never seemed to fade off
despite having gone through puberty, university, adulthood in career obsessed societies
There’s a super fine line between filial respect to your folks and blind acceptance
They just can’t seem to juggle with ladies at home, giving mummy the major priority
I would love to see you in the light of a super nice dude,
caring and loving son
But I’m afraid you do have more roles than that
Larger shoes to fill in Life

Deal with it~

16) Brag-king


I’ve really seen too many of such
Not only in terms of relationships, but in life as a whole
There are more instances and likelihood for them to say whatever they want, and hoping that the truth will never surface
It’s sometimes too unimportant that people wouldn’t bother spending the time and effort to dig out evidences against those bragging words
However, bragging words do have an invisible timeline and deadline
You only have a “freshness” period to live by your words

Most brag to convince themselves that they really can fill those shoes one day
That day almost wouldn’t arrive..

17) SmartyPants


This doesn’t really mean you wear the pants!
You just wore the same pair of pants that never had the chance to make it to the washer

You made assumptions all your life that you know the answers to everything
You pretend that you are intelligent and so you can continue living that lie
You can only date bimbos coz they’ll never knew what’s in your pockets
They are unable to decipher your act as they would have been stupidified further by you

Usually in this case, the smartypants also happens to be a paedophile
Coz only the younger ones get smoked by stupidity

18) Joker


The Funny Guy around the party
He makes everyone laugh, except you
Stringent expectations from a relationship
& you wonder why you were so tickled during courtship but it’s no longer funny anymore

19) The One Less Travelled


Travelling should be done as much as possible in our 20s
Be it through work or via vacations
every trip tells a story, every trip provides a lesson

The man less travelled is extremely disadvantaged
Though he can read off travel books telling you the big tourist spots in each continent
the experience of travelling will totally beat the reading

It’s very clear how a well travelled man will surpass the one less travelled
It is directly related to the intelligence and GK (general knowledge) levels as well

You have the slightest assumed responsibility to make your partner travelling with you, feel safe
That’s the least required from you
The security level is not to be damaged by you telling strangers about flight details and itinerary in dodgy environment
That’s equivalent to suicide and murder to the partner

20) Serial Online Dater


This is something new to me
I’ve known of the existence of online dating sites and apps for the longest time
But it wasn’t something that I would explore

Little do I know that it’s the new addiction to many
Both Men and Women alike
Having  multiple profiles for multiple online dating sites &
The desire to check new people out and chatting new people up, despite having a stable relationship
Who said online dating is only for singles?
That’s just a natural assumption…


This concludes the end of
THUGS: Your Key to Knowing the Good

All characters are based on true life experience
Any coincidence is definitely non fiction


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