Thugs Part 2: Your Key to Knowing the Good

Following the First Post on the kinds of “Thugs” I’ve met & dated
I’m glad everyone enjoyed the read & requested for Part 2!

7 more characters involved
& Situations narrated are entirely non-fiction

8) StingyScrooge


You must be thinking I might start rattling off on how some men doesn’t buy dinners on dates…
Totally not there
All of them passed the category of not going dutch
Yet this peculiar episode was really absurd

He offered to pay for my shopping and perhaps that was due to the fact that I only picked up 2 tops in H&M
Total Bill: SGD$39
Putting it in a manner that the amount was negligible…..
He took cash from me later in the evening

There is no relevance with how much a man loves you and to what salary he’s drawing
In this case, he clearly showed that he loves money more than anything else
Generosity is a value that is cultivated over time
Don’t expect that you can teach him when he’s already a grown man

9) Metros


It’s part of growing up that through media influences, I have expected men to always look good
Just like the actors from the tv dramas
Reality has it that NORMAL men are just way below the tv drama standards
But I was lucky enough to have a few models of men resembling Barbie’s Ken

They never needed your opinions on their wardrobe
You should also refrain buying outfits for them as they are just way more selective than normality
Conversations are about how much irons they pumped in the gym, their fat percentage, contents in Men’s Health and their facial routine
You will find that he’s like your best gal pal – being able to talk about all the girly stuff and he blends in perfectly

Then you realised… a wuss is redundant
You need a real Man

10) Ruled by Balls


There’s capacity for more than 1 woman in his life
He denies that and reassures you that you’re the love of his life
That statement is true nonetheless
Just that his life could contain many loves

They allow their brains to cease functioning so rationality doesn’t exist anymore
Creative excuses are made up to explain for their mistakes
So convincing that you get sucked in again and again

11) Settler


He thinks it’s time to be settled
Whoever he’s dating at that decision point, he will propose marriage
For reasons like moving into the next stage of life or everyone’s getting married

& you find that he becomes less interesting and he gets bored real easily
No additional efforts made to bring the partnership closer

There are some people who will never be ready to settle – for selfish reasons

12) Weakling


You probably have to Kill the roaches and Wear the pants
Weaklings are a gentle species and they are best at attending to your heart matters
They are indecisive – preferably refuses all opportunities to decide
It is highly likely that you have to peform the more difficult duties in bed as well
He has a small set of specialised skills and will not explore further

13) Mr Pinocchio


Lying is so part of his life that he convinces himself that the lies are actually true
When he does that, his words sound genuine coz he believed those lies himself
The elementary ones tend to forget what they have lied about and will not be able to fend for himself when exposed
The PHDs are swift and they also back up their statements with a beautiful story that answers all your questions so you no longer need to question him further

“I bought you a Gucci Bag for your birthday, it’s on Pre Order… shipment takes about 2 to 3 months”

It’s been 2 years and on, I still don’t see a rag
And by the way, 2 to 3 months will mean that you have incredible foresight to know the next season’s design.
Your lie was exposed within the first sentence because coincidentally, you’re also a StingyScrooge (refer to point 8)

14) Potato Slugger


Gone were the days that you have movie, shopping and dinner dates with him
He feels so accomplished being in a relationship with you that he decides to stay in bed all day and night doing his own stuff
You have the freedom to do what you want as well, as long as you’re within SIGHT

He generally piles on weight and requires a lot of sleep
The relationship becomes mundane as he loses interests in intimacy


You think this is all?
Stay tuned for Part 3


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