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The Skincerity Experience


The Nightly Breathable Masque
That makes a difference

This is the long awaited post for My Skincerity Experience
I did a daily documenting process on the improvements of my facial complexion

14 days of nightly usage
showed me tremendous changes that was indeed surprising!



Skincerity Bottle (Hi-Res Transparent)


This is basically an overnight sleeping mask suitable for all skin types and daily usage
If you have tried other forms of overnight masks in the market before, you will get what I mean
I’m sure most of us would have already adopted a skincare routine at the moment
Skincerity doesn’t replace your current treatment routine, it is an additional step on top of whatever you are using at the moment!

In simpler terms, Skincerity serves to lock in what you have applied on your face for the night.

I guess we are all excited to find out what changes I’ve gone thru..
Before I go into the technicalities of the product, I would like to reveal the results first!
Results always speak for themselves~
I’m the best testimonial for it!

<Do note that photos in this post are merely adjusted for light and contrast settings, no heavy form of photoshop editing was used>


That’s Me before the Skincerity Experience
Using the very same photo, I’m highlighting my concerned areas:
You should take note of this and check out my face again when you get to the end of this post :p


  • Puffy eye bags
  • Stubborn laugh lines
  • Undefined jaw line
  • Dehydrated complexion
  • Dull & colourless skin condition

These are the common problem areas most women will agree with me.
It takes a great length of discipline in terms of eating well, sleeping well and creating this healthy routine to achieve the desirable complexion we once had when we were 21

@ this stage of life, we are so bogged down by work and our crazy lifestyle in Singapore makes it even harder to conform to a routine
I’m actually real happy to have found this shortcut!


On Day 1 of application, I opened the package and the bottle of Skincerity that is shrink-wrapped in the box
It has a roller ball for ease of application of your face, covering all contours of your nose and under eyes


The package of Skincerity also come with this special white towel to aid in the removal of the mask when you wash up the next morning.
It is not your usual towel that you can find anywhere, it actually has the compounds of the kind of workout towels you use to clean up your perspiration after exercising.
After wash and leaving the towel to dry, it actually hardens up like a solid material and is not foldable at all


See what I mean?

The reason for Skincerity to include this is to aid the removal of the mask and also to prevent bacterial and impurities from thriving onto this towel.
I throw this away every 14 days, after the usage of each bottle of Skincerity

How to Use: DAY 1 Application



After washing your face and drying off cleanly, roll on the bottle of Skincerity



Like what the packaging stated : One Life-Changing Minute

The application took just one minute!

After Application

after app

Skincerity is a transparent, permeable mask that dries in seconds after application

What to Expect?

Waking up the next morning to this:


Peeling Skincerity off like this…


The fumes of acetone as you roll on Skincerity.
It's the very strong smell that you get while removing your gel and acrylic nails at the salon.
The smell goes away within seconds but I would advise you to hold your breath and close your eyes
Your sheets smell like Green Apple!
Right after the acetone-like fumes that disappears within seconds, what you get is Green Apple fragrance!
You will even wake up to a fresh green apple morning~
Instant tightening of your skin
Do make sure you cover all areas of your face with Skincerity, you can see if you left any area out under the light.
Skincerity technology tightens up and holds your facial skin in place.
Though not recommended to go near your eyes, I rolled Skincerity on my under eye to minimize the eye bags
Peeling the mask off
For the first 4 day at least, it's difficult peeling the mask off - you can only tear strands of it and not large pieces as you will find it too sticky to your skin.
After the initial stage of usage, Skincerity has provided your skin with hydration and peeling the mask off in large chunks will be way easier.
That said, please use the cloth provided still - that's the easiest way

Skincerity Experience



At Day 8…
The visibly reduced eyebags and fine lines
I’m already very contented with the achieved outcome

During the week, I took some photos of myself as well with make up on


[Taken on Day 2]


[Taken on Day 6]


[Taken on Day 7]

& in the next week…


Camera 360

[Taken on Day 10]

On the last day…
Day 14


Thereafter, I look absolutely radiant in the photos I’ve taken!




Feeling the Difference

  • With insufficient water intake, I was able to achieve hydrated complexion with Skincerity
  • I can actually head out with simple eyeliner and a few strokes of the blusher and look casually made up
  • Prep work for make up base can go lighter
  • Keeping the same make up procedures constant before and after Skincerity, the make up was able to last for more than 14 hours – there was no need for touch ups

As you have witnessed in the photos,

  • Visible minimization in eye bags
  • Lifted cheeks
  • Defined jawline
  • Fainting laugh lines
  • Increasing radiance
  • Firm and supple skin

Anti-Aging at its Best!

Depletion of Skincerity Process

After Day 1 usage…




A 30ml Skincerity bottle is just right sufficient for 14 days’ usage
I used it to my last drop on Day 14!

Melva’s Personal Touch on Skincerity


  • Intense daily usage for the first 14 days
  • Use Skincerity direct on your skin without applying your moisturizer/serum though it can be done, but the full effects can be better seen when Skincerity is used on it’s own
  • Return to your usual skincare routine after 14 days and use Skincerity every other day to maintain the radiance and anti-aging effects
  • Roll on Skincerity on your neck to diminish the neck lines if you have them
  • Pile on 3 layers of Skincerity (preferable) to see an even bigger difference

After the Skincerity Experience, it has proven to be amazingly effective that I would continue to include Skincerity in my daily skincare ritual & have also secured a special price for my readers and friends!

Original Retail Price: S$150
Special Price: S$128
Local mail inclusive

You can now grab your own bottle of Skincerity from my retail shop @ Vibe China Square Central #02-27
& online @

I have requested to retail Skincerity with the distributors who have very kindly sponsored me for this product review that turned out to be an inexplicably amazing experience!

Next on Skincerity

As promised, I will further touch on the technicalities of the product in the next post ~

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