The Internal Struggle with Common Work

After a good 2 and a half years of  focusing on Vibe
things have gotten to an auto-pilot stage where my little shop can function on its own with mamaB’s help
tending the store in China Square Central
There was too much time on my hands & I spent it on an activity that is too luxurious to afford

Zzz ~ SLEEP ~ zzZ

On 28th October, I took up an offer to join the media and advertising world
With zero experience and the smallest imagination of how it would be
I embarked on this new opportunity


Thinking that I’ve made ample mental preparations for it…
It was nothing near that when reality sets in

Change was scary
Change was difficult
Change was sudden
Change caught me off guard


The Internal Struggle with Common Work

sleeping hours

What used to be 10 to 12 hours of snooze a day was reduced to 6
Snuggling under my pillows and sheets @ 5am is now a fantasy
Yawning at 12 midnight
pulling eyelids by 1am .. shocked that its 2am in a blink
jumped into bed with a racing mind and stack of backlogs

pace of life

Literally chasing up to people in CBD
I haven’t walked this fast in ages
The lunch crowd made me claustrophic
Everyone around me made me feel like Time was choking them

the co-existence of co-workers

I am still trying to get used to having people at work around me
Noise kills my efficient thinking
Foot steps and conversations going on all day hasn’t been common to me for the last couple of years
My last employment had me in my own office in 2009

~ Silence was joy ~

Thereafter, my work desk was my room
or in the shop
It’s just Pinky (laptop) and me
The infinite incremental of environmental noise was bearable, just slightly tougher for the sustainability of concentration

the unknown

A large part of the business is now seemingly an abyss
What used to be at my fingertips
were cleansed away
I have actually been reduced to a microscopic element
fighting for survival in a brand new habitat

It’s back to basics, Melva
Ask when you don’t know
You’re no longer the guru who monopolises the market

half the world is not small

As the saying goes…
Melva knows half the world
the other half knows her

There must be another universe out there
that is not to my knowledge
Where I am no longer able to make things work my way
We can’t say, “it’s a small world”
You have absolutely no god damn idea of how GIGANORMOUS it is – ok, I made that word up
for exaggerated illustration purpose

the misconception of a sales job

A whirlwind of luck brainwashed me for 5 years
Leaving me in a lurch now
Quote: “Cold-calling is the only way to generate new leads for sales”
That’s something new……..
I’m searching high and low for the magic potion that churns out nothing but signed contracts for me
Pushing my name to the top spot consistently
Have I lost it?


The discovery continues….

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