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Looking back into the last one month where I’ve taken the advice of the resident Chinese Physician at Aegle Wellness
to rest and go with exercises that does not require weights for a couple of weeks
Now, I’ve fully recovered and will be back in action for my regular circuit training class tomorrow!!


On a normal basis, I would be attending circuit training class once per week
& experience muscular aches for 2 to 3 days thereafter
When I was unable to move my head for the 5th day
I knew something wasn’t right – traced it back to the training where I piled on too much weights

Out of all the excuses which included “lao zhen” (neck aches from sleeping at a weird angle)
nothing can explain why I was unable to even turn my head with ease
On a panic mode, I asked for references and was introduced to Aegle Wellness TCM
Tucked in a quiet corner of Rochester Park, the medical clinic gave me some kind of inner peace that assured me that I’ll be fine~


After a short 7 to 8 minute consultation
The Aegle physician told me that my shoulders feels unusually ‘hot’
as though the muscles were constantly heated up and not allowed to rest
He asked me many questions on how the injury came about and how did I cope with it over those days being in pain
All these, to better understand my trauma so as to provide an appropriate treatment


The Treatment

The treatment consist of a 20 minutes session of acupuncture
& a 20 minutes session of tui-na

The acupuncture session was almost painless, just a couple of pricks that gave a tingling sensation
other than that, it’s really negligible

The tui-na session gave me immediate pain relief
I came to Aegle with neck that was severely in pain & I finished the session where I could actually make more twists and turns without feeling the massive reluctance from my shoulders


However, that was not all~
The doctor also prescribed a dosage of medication to assist in pain relief


From common knowledge, we all know that chinese medicine never tasted good
Bitterness has MANY different levels and thank god this was just at a level which I could accept


I held my breath and took a couple of gulps
True enough, as recommended by the very friendly receptionist, Jessie
I was not able to taste much of the meds
Right after gulping, I washed it down with some gou-qi-zi tea
It was all good!


A 3 day medication was also prescribed to me
This was only prescribed to me upon returning to Aegle Wellness for the second consultation
Since the pain on my shoulders did not go away fully, I decided to check back again with the doctor for another session of acupuncture and tuina
I definitely feel much better now!



44 Rochester Park, 139248


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