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Tapas @ Binomio


Mr R takes the chance to bring me out for a nice dinner every week
He loves to eat and for that, I get to try out new places with him!
I never used to have an appetite for food and I eat just to survive and to avoid hunger
These days, it’s just a different story….

My appetite these days are just screaming for a specific cuisine for every single meal
This is also a huge sign of a pampered lady going out of hand~


Chilling with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, while awaiting for Mr R to place the orders
He knows my tastebuds inside out
I’m definitely in good hands!

With the attentive restaurant managers taking care of us, we can easily decide on what will be dished out on our dinner table~


Starting us off with a dish of fresh homemade marinated olives…
Prices are on the steep side for Binomio
with tapas starting off at $22 generally, except for mushroom croquettes (which you will see below) at $10


Totally not me to have raw-textured food, but yes I ordered this!
After a pleasant experience from East 8, I thought I’d give it another shot to have cod as a starter


The Cod Fish Carpaccio


Extremely fresh and it changed my impression on sashimi totally!


Don’t ever belittle this normal-looking mushroom croquettes!
They melt in your mouth instantly!


Easily the HIGHLIGHT of our entire dinner!
Both of us never liked cheese, but we loved this to bits!


Grilled Scallops and ‘butifarra’ sausage on a seafood and vegetable broth


Very much like a chinese dish
I am just biased with scallops so I’m lovin’ it!


After 3 tapas selection, our main course is served
This is half a portion seafood paella and it fills us up just right
We can’t imagine ordering the normal portion and special thanks to the manager for offering this option
Matching the norm, we had no complaints about the food but just praises for the intricate service

Yes, it’s not indicated on the menu
I would definitely recommend that you ask for half a portion if you have intentions to have a taste of more tapas



20 CRAIG ROAD Singapore 089692
RESERVATIONS: +65 97586471

Lunch from 12pm, Mondays to Fridays. Last seating is 1.45pm
Dinner from 6pm, Mondays to Saturday. Last seating is 10.30pm
Closed all day Sundays


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