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Mirror Effect Nails Tutorial

The Mirror Effect Nails has been taking the manicure industry by storm It’s superbly easy to achieve and as requested, I’ve done a short clip for the Tutorial Thanks for my gf Charlene for lending me her fingers and sat around for a good 3 hours to film this! I absolutely love to use the… Continue reading Mirror Effect Nails Tutorial

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Swarovski Crystal Pixie

Get celebrity nails this CNY with Swarovski Crystal Pixie! Now available on Nailvibe.com! http://nailvibe.com/shop/swarovski-crystal-pixie/4655-swarovski-crystal-pixie-set.html Swarovski Crystal Pixie Set of 4 colors: Cute Mood Rock Shock Deluxe Rush Classy Sassy Original Price: $49.90 each ($199.60) NOW: $142 for 4 29% OFF!  Watch HOW: Each set comes with a bottle of the pixie dust crystals and larger Swarovski rhinestones for… Continue reading Swarovski Crystal Pixie

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Tutorial :: Leopard Prints with Gel Polish

The last time I drew Leopard Prints on my nails was 4 years ago! At that time, the only materials available for us to achieve this was: Nail Polish, Acrylic Paint, Hard & Soft Gel and Acrylic powders Advancements in the Nail Industry has brought us the amazing Gel Polish! My short tutorial on how… Continue reading Tutorial :: Leopard Prints with Gel Polish