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OneTwoCosmetics Magnetic Lash Review

What are magnetic lashes? They’re basically falsies with a small plate of magnet attached in the middle of each lash When I first watched the tutorial video, I was overwhelmed by how INGENIOUS this idea was It caters & appeals to ladies who are: – lazy – fail at putting on falsies for her lifetime… Continue reading OneTwoCosmetics Magnetic Lash Review

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Beauty Recipe: 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery

I’m BACK with this post! Been a while since I last wrote and I’ve got complaints that people are bored coz I haven’t updated! I was busy clearing backlog ever since I left for my honeymoon in Santorini & of course, that’s gonna be another entry~ Before the holiday, I got my brows done! @beautyrecipe It’s… Continue reading Beauty Recipe: 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery

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Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage

As mentioned in #RaymanMelva Wedding Preps, drinking a bottle of the Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage is part of my daily routine to maintain the suppleness in my complexion & to ensure I look great on my wedding day! The Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage contains 3 Patented Ingredients: Highly purified Ellagic acid extracted from pomegranate extract, Highly purified glutathione… Continue reading Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage