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Swatch – Solution to having too many Nail Colors


It’s really not surprising these days to know that every one of us out there have several bottles of nail colors of their own

The Problem?


You’ve just got too many and you have no idea how to keep track of what you have and what you don’t…

Another Common Problem


We all love certain shades
For example RED
Red has so many tones and comes in so many different textures that somehow we can never get to the end of it
On a nail polish shopping trip, you can’t help it but just look out for reds and trust me…
You will tend to buy back the same colors that you already have!

The Solution


After owning more than 400 bottles myself
I have colors across all brands and spectrums that I got to develop my own coding strategies to keep them organised

Recently when Mr R was in my shop
He was amazed at how customers brought in their own nail swatches to show me what they have
& I’ll recommend them colors which they do not have

Fantastic idea isn’t it?

All these while, I’ve carried the usual suspects:

Nail wheel swatch neutral

Nail Swatch Wheel 20 Tips Natural

Nail wheel swatch transparent

Nail Swatch Wheel 20 Tips Transparent

Nail Swatch (12 tips)

Nail Swatch 12 tips

Swatch Sticks

Color Chart – 50 Swatch Sticks

Now, this is NEW

48 tips color chart

Swatch Color Chart 48 Tips Natural

Well, just meeting the demands of my customers =)
I hope I did spur you on a lil to get organised soon!



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