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Strip VS Regina for IPL Review

My regular visitations for beauty rituals spurred this post.

Just a brief background…
Been a customer for both in the last 3 years at least!
Own packages with both
Attracted to both companies for different reasons & Here’s WHY + Evaluation

Package Owned6 + 3 sessions for IPL Brazilian & Maintenance sessions for a total of S$3688 + GSTUnlimited Sessions for IPL Underarm for S$488 + GST
& 4 sessions of IPL upper Lip for S$160 + GST
Current StatusJust completed my 10th Session for maintenance today
1st session was on a trial basis for S$88 + GST
Completed my 12th session yesterday
Historical ExperienceIn 2010, IPL prices from Strip was considered market rate before other houses came in to slash prices.
Before they changed their machine for IPL, they used a n ice roller pack to cool the area instead of the gel now
Service staffs upsold customers aggressively in packages and products..
Yet at that point, my personal experience was still pleasant with them as their staff spoke and carried themselves very well.

You decide when you would like to come back for the next appointment and they usually will not schedule for you until you're decided.
Japanese staff made the environment very polite and I'm impressed with how swift and efficient the IPL process was.
Pricing point was optimal and targets at the general working ladies who feels that Strip was on the high side.

Appointment intervals is decided by Regina. They follow the hair growth process and tells you to come back every 3 months or so for maintenance and they are pretty strict on this.
Outlet PatronisedMalacca Street which has now moved to 100AMHitachi Tower/Chevron House
CleanlinessStrip has always been very professional about being neat and tidy and has maintained its standards through the years.
The white theme makes you feel very clean and indeed for at least the first 9 sessions, I was contented and love how clean the room is.
On the 10th session, I was brought to a room where used towels and used tissues were thrown on the floor - makes me worry if the towels provided to me was even washed.

After that I provided a feedback through the official website and received nothing.

Yesterday, the towels were again mushy and there's still used tissues on the floor.
The place has become quite a dumping ground.
Therapist & ServiceUsed to be served by Sharon & Today served by Yumiko

Very polite and nice ladies who attends to me gently and keeps checking back to see if I felt ok

All the stuff used in the IPL process (other than the machine) were disposables. Gives me better confidence that it's all clean and good.

They make small talk to me very optimally. Subjectively, I didn't feel annoyed and it was comfortable.

Products used were generously spreaded that I had to wipe some away =p
One common complaint I've heard is that they use an electric shaver prior to IPL.
I have no idea if they do sterilize the shaver blade though, but to counter it, I just shave before I go for my appointment.

Yesterday, the therapist Michelle made me feel like a log of pork in a slaughter house. The process was hasty and rough.
Gel was smeared all over my arms and not cleaned off thoroughly.

Her attitude was so robotic and emotionless that I wonder if she's hating her job so much that she's taking it out on the customer.
Upselling ProcessPrices have usually been quite fixed and they rarely offer large discounts.

Just because my package has ended today, (& probably in conjunction with the opening of their new outlet @ 100AM) they offered me 30% off and slashed off another 50%.
When I declined, the recep offered to waive my GST fees.

I really didn't remember that they could have gone so low - but it's really such a good deal that I recommend all of you to go for it!

After I explained why I wouldn't commit to their $600 per maintenance package, they were understanding and all smiles.

It's indeed pleasant. No black faces encountered.
Michelle asked me to purchase a few other packages as if her sales speech was memorised from a book.
The level of selling has deteriorated when it first started.

I bought the packages from another cheerful lady (whom i didnt get her name) and felt very happy after purchasing them even if I didn't really need it.

Before I left, Michelle set the next appointment with me and gave me an obvious-fake smile that was really unnecessary.
ConclusionIf not for the existence of DIY IPL products, I would definitely make my money worth of good and clean service and head on for Strip.

There's a good reason why they are doing so well internationally!
I had my good eyes on Regina and expected them to do well after my first encounter with them.

It's indeed quite sad to know that they couldn't keep up.
I know that they have a few other outlets in the island, and the polite japanese staff might have been transferred out.

It is probably alright to give it a shot with the outlets who has polite staffs and if you are price sensitive.
However, it's a SURE NO-GO for the Hitachi Towers Outlet.

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