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Sponsored Review: NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

I have always been a traditional Mascara-eyelash lady and was never a big fan of falsies.
The truth is: Over 10 attempts at fixing falsies, I failed them all!

Even with EyelashesGuru‘s owner, Fion the expert – She taught me personally on fixing falsies and even offered several pairs of soft boned, light weight and natural looking ones…
I was an utter failure.

I decided, for the better of my makeup routine…


Last month, Mui Ling commented on my Facebook photo that I would look much better with eyelash extensions
& She would like me to review her work as well
So why not!


I met up with her and brought Regina along~

Regina snapped most of the photos in this post today! Thank you babe for being so spontaneous and working really hard around me~

This post defines ALL-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW about eyelash extensions and my honest opinions on it!



It is advisable that you arrive at the appointment without eye make up
All I did was to slap on my press powder and some bronzing highlights, leaving the eye area clear of liners and shadows


A close up on my original lashes…





You can see that my lashes grows downwards and they’re super untidy with massively differing lengths

Mui Ling promised me a set of tidy and dark lashes that will make my eyes brighten up instantly!
Since there’s different lengths that you can choose for the lash extensions, I went for the longest possible ones

I have perfect eyesight, hence I do not need to wear glasses or contact lenses
Having long lashes will not affect me that much – though I stopped wearing my shades for the duration of NovaLash =D


These are the different pots of lashes


Each individual lash is attached to your natural lash by a medically approved glue
even for ladies with sensitive eyes





Mui Ling stuck on these buffers to protect my under eyes


& pasted many strips of cosmetic tapes to secure them in position


Then she starts working on my lashes


She had to arrange the lengths in such a way that its short from the inner eye and dolly-like at the end








The whole process took an approximate 2.5 hours

I basically took a nap and woke up with these!!!!!!!!!



With the tapes and the buffers removed, they left a temporary depression on my face but those prints went off within an hour


I expected to feel uncomfortable with the weight of the new lashes
But I was completely wrong!
I felt nothing!
They were not much of a difference compared to my own



Rest time for the glue to be completely dry was about 15 minutes or so


With no eye makeip and a simple pencil under-eyeliner, I manage to look glammed up!




It is pretty easy to find such small eyelash brushes in stores like Sasa and Watsons



Brush the lashes after every face wash and shower to keep them neat and prevent them from entangling

When Removing Make up….

Use Water Base eye make up removers Only
The oil ones will render the eyelash glue ineffective
Use Lint Free wipes to clean the eye area – Normal wipes will leave lints stuck in the lashes and it will be difficult to remover them


This set of lashes are expected to last you for 3 to 4 weeks and thereafter you will need maintenance as your lashes would have grown out by then.

Booking your appointment with Certified NovaLash Extensionist, Mui Ling

Instagram: @BeautyLash88
Mobile: +65 8173 2289
Location: Pine Grove, Ulu Pandan-Clementi

Brand New Set of NovaLash ExtensionsS$119
Refill within 3-4 weeksS$69
Removal of exisiting extensionsS$10

Mention and get 20% off the above prices!


What I LOVE about my eyelash extension experience?

  • Leaving home without make up and look as if you have spent the morning dolling up
  • Instant enlargement of eyes, looking brighter and sharper than ever
  • Shaved off a good 30 minutes to my make up ritual
  • There is no longer a need to rub off my waterproof mascara and end up with cloudy eyes
  • Smokey eyes are a given, no effort required to blend the black and grey shadows
  • Your friends will possibly not even noticed you did the extensions as NovaLash is so natural looking that only you know what you have done =p


What I have to Live with after the eyelash extension..

  • Unable to cover my face with stacking pillows and sleep in complete darkness as I would not want to damage the lashes
  • A conscious attempt to sleep facing upwards coz the dolly lashes at the end will collide with my pillow
  • Eye make up removal process lengthened as I have to be extra careful with the presence of the lashes
  • My sight is blocked slightly with the growing and drooping lashes, but with a push, they go back up
  • The effect of falling lashes became amplified as you see the dark and long strands on your face
    It’s perfectly normal to have 3 to 5 eyelashes falling off daily, but we never noticed them coz they’re too fine


I wish I can have such beautiful lashes all year round despite what I have to live with after having them
Those are tiny sacrifices for convenient beauty!

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