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Slim Cera Ceramic Roller & Lotion Review


This is what the Slim Cera Ceramic Roller is about!
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Part of my daily ritual before bedtime
This ceramic roller firms up the muscles in my cheeks and enhances the jawline
It’s kind of like giving your face a workout with just a 3 minute roll on each side
While watching TV, the 3 minute roll usually gets extended unknowingly and the overtime is more beneficial than anything!



On Slim Cera Ceramic Lotion

What comes hand in hand with the Slim Cera Ceramic Roller is the Slim Cera Ceramic Lotion with a physical ceramic ball submerged in the liquid

Ceramic Ball Pic

The ceramic ball inside has the similar compositions to ceramic material used in Slim Cera beauty facial rollers.
They go thru sintering process under 1,200 Degree Celcius, making them into an unique ingredient. This ceramic ball requires time and
much effort to be created.
Using Slim Cera Roller together with this lotion will help improve better firming and moisturising to your skin.

Is it Necessary?

Untitled 1

Well, it is a complementary lotion with the ceramic roller and gives off the best effect and results

What’s in the Slim Cera Ceramic Lotion?


Slim Cera Beauty Ceramic Lotion has another ingredient in it named “Dragon Blood” which also has an Anti-Aging effect.
They are found in Croton Lechleri, a type of plant in the Amazon that has this sap that can be extracted.

Slim Cera Lotion - Dragon Blood copy

“Dragon Blood” was named as such due to the blood like colour and is also commonly use in healing wounds. “Dragon Blood” has the treatment effect on damaged skin and is also one of the Anti-Aging ingredient popularly well known in Japan and in other countries.

Botanical Extract & Free from harmful composition

Slim Cera Beauty Ceramic Lotion is safe to use as the ingredients are carefully selected from botanical extracts such as Geranium, Bramble, Chamomile, Rose and Hibiscus. This lotion does not contain any oil based surfactants, mineral oil, fragrance, colouring agent, tar-based pigments, ultraviolet rays absorbents and no paraben and phenoxyethanol included.

How to Use

How to use

After washing / cleansing your face. Push 2 to 3 times to the pump of the bottle onto your hand and gently spread across your palm gently.
(* Before using, first shake the bottle and you will hear the ceramic ball inside with clicking sound)

Spread the lotion across your face, neck area, hands and any other concern areas on your body.

Use Slim Cera Facial Rollers and roll gently over your skin and any other areas.
The lotion will be better much absorb either be it use before or after applying the lotion.
A second time of applying the toner again after using the roller is highly recommended to give a better texture of your skin.

Watch this to see the instant effects!


Massage yourself a facelift!
Revitalize skin quality just by rolling. 
Slim Cera uses five rollers to imitate the motion of a therapist’s hands.
Just as with a spa facial, the movement stimulates your facial muscles, revitalizing your skin.
Cleanse pores by rolling out impurities!
The special diamond cut roller surfaces leave your pores clean and clear.

Getting your Slim Cera Ceramic Roller


This is how the Slim Cera Ceramic Roller arrived in my hands
Sealed in a black box!


The sole distributor, offers direct sale of the Slim Cera Ceramic Roller with free delivery!



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This is the current new branding and packaging of the lotion

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