Should We Judge?


I believe we have heard of many advices, many quotes relating to judging people you already know, or people you have just met
If I’m able to plot my judgmental values on a graph, it would possibly look like a progressively fluctuating one

I used to be super judgemental and then I learnt how to soothe that over
making the best out of my abilities to try not to judge
and now, my guard is back up again
I need to judge! Else how would I know whether I’m getting myself into the right company of friends?
I’m not sure if I can survive another “SURPRISE” attack!

If you have been following my facebook actively, you would have seen a depressing entry in the last couple of weeks
on how this person finally unveiled his true colors after knowing him for 3 years odd
I thank everyone who went through my cranky mood swing period with me and hear my repeated complaints over and over again…
I really appreciate it and I express gratitude to those of you who probably wish I stop bitching yet held on to me regardless of what happened… good to know that all of you exists~
I didn’t spend time making good friends for nothing!

Here’s the story:

There’s this guy which I’ll call him the BAD EGG here
He has accomplished nothing in his life for the last 28 years
His specialty is doing-nothing
One day he has decided to take a step up and wake up from 28 years of dreams
& get started on a digital media business
which he has no knowledge of, no skills, nothing!

Being an entrepreneur myself, I support everyone around me if they would like to carve a career out on their own
I can understand how much courage and resources one have to fork out in order to materialise this
As my normal self, I was glad the Bad Egg finally decided to “work”
It’s “work” because that obviously did not happen
When the Bad Egg says he’s BUSY
I think he actually have gotten the real definition of BUSY on the opposite side of the worldHe was nowhere near a tenth of my actual definition of BUSY

Supportive of a friend, I gave him some deals and my job was to monitor progress
He made empty promises and for 3 months, he has not fulfilled a single promise out of the hundreds he made to the clients
I have never met an entrepreneur that has no interests in checking emails, replying with 28 hours lag time
Quoting “busy” while I found out he was actually at the gym or having foot massage!
Obviously, uninterested in his job, he was merely focused monetarily
It pains me to call him a cheaterbug, but I’d settle for a LIAR

He morphed me into a nanny
A job I’ve never signed up for
PS This ain’t the first time someone took advantage of me this way, but I’d let it pass
There’s just too many people taking advantage of my niceness and then turning their backs to call me FIERCE when I started protecting my own interests
Anyway, back to my nanny job
Bad Egg chose not to set up work email accounts on his mobile
So I had to nanny him by informing him that I have sent him an email and remind him 10 times to reply
He would tell you work is only conducted in the office and not anywhere else
I’m not sure if I am the only one who thinks that my business is more important than anything else
I would work my a** off anywhere anytime without giving it a second thought!

I also need to nanny him to tell him his TO-DO list for the day
Coz I need my jobs to be done! I need him to function at his most efficient capacity
All to a waste, none of my reminders were taken into account
He also does not have a calendar and a deadline to him is worthless

He has 5 standard replies to everyone on every issue:
1) Looking at it
2) Will reply
3) Will work on it
4) My bad
5) Sorry about it

A usual job that requires 3 to 4 weeks for completion
has been delayed to 3 months for every single job

What he has done to me was detrimental…
He ruined my reputation multiple times because he gave my client his word but never ever fulfilled it
It’s a reflection of how I trusted a LIAR
Next, he even went ahead to close a deal with my client without informing me at all
The attempt to cut me out is plain shameless
The ultimatum was when he sent an email informing me that he would be absorbing all the monies paid upfront by my clients and indicated that he would return the files – which means he will not be completing the job
Thinking there’s such goodness in the world where he can swallow the monies and not work for it
The last 28 years of his life has really been on another planet?

Another Classic case of recognizing money over friendship
Tell me, how can I not judge?

If I were to tell myself that my initial judgement of how useless this fella is valid,
I wouldn’t have gone through all these and allow him to let the shit hit the fan
while I clean up his mess for him

Go ahead, Judge and believe in yourself!



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