Share My Brolly?

19th February

Indeed a Lucky Day!
A taxi stopped right at my doorstep without having to call for one
(with me, I had 120 bottles of nail polishes)


Got called up for a job opportunity
(while I’m not expecting any)


Spontaneously met an old friend for coffee


Had dinner with my all-time favourite girlfriends & partners!
& being sent home by them as well…


The highlight of my lucky day is about a brolly!


A day in 2011, I stood waiting for the pedestrian crossing at a major traffic junction in CBD.
Decked smartly in a white shirt, the rain splashed down on me unexpectedly.
I looked up around me…
More than 8 other men were comfortably sheltered under their brolly.
Everyone had 1 brolly to themselves.. over their head (or perhaps heads…)
NONE of them showcased the simplest form of humanity
I guess they were naturally programmed to just STARE at any translucent shirts & pretend to go BLANK
It was an UGLY sight
& to know that the classic gentlemanly behaviour is no longer common.


Today, I crossed the same road in the rain
All I wanted, was to run across and get shelter in the next building.
Little did I expect that shelter was offered there and then

She said: “Do you mind? Sharing the umbrella with me?”
I flashed a huge grin and hid under her brolly!
With extreme gratitude, I told her how kind she was and how thankful I am!
When we parted ways, she said: “I Love your hair!”

I’m totally over the moon!
to know that such kind gestures still exist
All is not lost.

We just need to be gracious, to care and to give…
without expectations


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