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Movie Review: Rubbers (R21)

Rubbers Poster

Singapore’s First Sex Comedy by 18g Pictures
Directed by Han Yew Kwang
A veteran in the local film industry, Han has been involved in the production and works of several local dramas
<Rubbers> is the first naughty and bold attempt by Han
Incorporates several local slangs and comedic stunts
You’re in for a good laugh from the very first scene


Invited by Smith Leong aka Smithankyou aka Singapore’s Sex Blogger (in the past)
My blogger buddy who has a cameo role in the movie
Random shot at stardom!
I definitely have to give my utmost support
For a start, REAL Rubbers were provided on every seat
Like an apt ‘protection’ door gift before we experience the real deal
Waited for the a large part of the movie to even catch a short glimpse of him!

Before I even head into details about the movie
I can’t wait to leak out the stills of Smith’s scenes!


Hilarious isn’t it!??
The courageous Smith Leong has totally exposed his bedroom expressions

RBS_Baoling & Durian hear something


Yeo Yann Yann
Julian Hee
Marcus Chin
Catherine Sng
Alaric Tay
Oon Shu An

Special appearances by
Lee Chau Min as the unforgettable “Durian-flavored Condom”
Chua En Lai
Kym Ng

[NSFW] RBS_Baoling & a Banana

Rubbers started as a collection of short stories that revolve around condoms.
It was narrowed down to four stories before being thinned further to three once production began.

RBS_My name is Momoko

The 3 stories were weaved impeccably to produce the 86-minute movie
The daring performances by our local actors was a total worthy piece as you will never be expecting that on your small screens

RBS_Thor wakes

One actor we might have all missed
will be Julian Hee
The ex Model and Mediacorp actor who once swooned all the teenage girls in Singapore with his physique and cute looks returned in <Rubbers>
Maintaining his buff bod, we are treated to this eye candy with his performance as ‘THOR’ the plumber!

RBS_Thor is happy

RBS_Baoling & Thor wet

Other than the ridiculous fact that a talking condom is actually materialised into a character
we have a voluptuous Yeo Yann Yann in her luring leopard prints bra drenched beneath a translucent singlet
seducing the hunk
There will be an eye-ful of details here!

RBS_Ah Niu blows balloons

Condoms being mistaken for balloons?
I have no idea that condoms were that elastic and can be max-ed out into balloons this size!
Kind of shows how durable the product can be for practical usage~

[NSFW] RBS_Adam, Momoko & a Scooter

My favourite scene of ‘Momoko’ (the porn star) being stuck onto ‘Adam’ (Alaric)
In an attempt to get themselves help to be separated, they had to transport themselves to the nearest hospital
This was pretty ingenious!

RBS_Adam don't like condoms

I know that I would have probably spoilt the suspense for you
but for people who prefer to have a safety net – knowing what to expect – before diving into the box office
I really think I should stop here, otherwise there would no longer be much fun for you

RBS_Momoko checks condom

Whip your hair back and enjoy the movie!

Official Trailer

Official Synopsis

RUBBERS is a laugh-out-loud comedy for adults in which an old man tries to win back his wife with “balloon condoms”, a single woman tries to seduce a plumber with the help of a “talking condom”, and a playboy who dislikes condoms gets stuck with one which he can’t remove. When a porn star offers to help him “suck it off”, she gets stuck! These three tales weave into one another bringing out both moments of laughter and love, reminding the audience that sometimes, we all need a good laugh even if it’s about sex.


Han Yew Kwang

HAN Yew Kwang
Yew Kwang has been in the film and television industry for more than a decade. Since starting out a scriptwriter for popular Chinese sitcoms such as The Right Frequency
(1998) and award winning dramas like Pass It Forward (2002), Yew Kwang has gone on to produce, write and direct various projects for film and television. His works include the romantic comedy 18 Grams of Love (2007) and the quirky un-romantic romantic comedy When Hainan Meets Teochew  (2010).

Stills from the Movie

[NSFW] RBS_Ah Niu wants Extra Large

[NSFW] RBS_Ah Hua & Salesman

RBS_Momoko sees you

RBS_Momoko removes clothing

RBS_Momoko gives injection

RBS_Baoling turns it on

RBS_Baoling serves Thor

RBS_Baoling is happy

RBS_Baoling & Durian with hammer

RBS_Ah Niu is shocked

RBS_Ah Niu & Ah Hua @ breakfast

RBS_Ah Hua's phone call

RBS_Adam's delightful scream

RBS_Adam makes a call

RBS_Adam is puzzled

Release at the end of this month!
30th April
‘Coming’ to your big screens real soon!


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