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Review: Waffle Slayer @ Kampong Bahru


If you have heard or been to Strangers’ Reunion
you would have already know that they have expanded to the shop space beside them along Kampong Bahru Road
There has been many raving reviews about how Strangers’ Reunion capitalised on its popular buttermilk waffles and kick started Waffle Slayer

My Twin and her hubs has been wanting to take me to Waffle Slayer for months
coz I’m the Waffle, Pancake and Crepe Lover
– ok you get the idea –


The night before I left for Bangkok
Twin and her hubs drove me there for dinner and waffles
Having been excited and placing some high hopes on expecting awesome waffles
I couldn’t wait for the savoury main courses to end
but let’s go through them anyway~



< Deep Fried Lotus Chips >
The accompanying dips brought out the flavour of the lotus chips


< Mocha >

If you order coffee from Waffle Slayer, you are actually getting them from Strangers’ Reunion
My previous visit to Strangers’ Reunion was not a good one
Coffee was really normal, nothing spectacular, but drinkable at the very least
I’ve also had a terrible chicken pie from Strangers’ Reunion
So I’m glad Waffle Slayer does not share the same kitchen


< Magic Mushrooms >
Deep fried mixed mushrooms with mayo
The best ones I’ve had was from Blooies (Siglap or Rail Mall)
This is 2nd best!


< Kalamari >


< Spam Fries >
If you’ve read my review of Miss Molly’s, their spam fries would beat this hands down

Review: Miss Molly’s @ Craig Road


Here comes the waffles!


< Matcha Waffle with Azuki Beans and Vanilla Ice Cream >
Where’s the matcha?
Except for the fact that the waffle is green, there’s no traces of matcha
The green waffle tasted just like a normal one
Neither fluffy nor crispy
I’m not sure what were the peeps at Waffle Slayer trying to achieve~
Matching it with Matcha Ice Cream would have made this formidable!


< Apple Crumble Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream >

Just like the above, the main waffle wasn’t impressive at all
It’s a lil disgraceful to be named Waffle Slayer while your waffles totally do not ‘SLAY’ my heart and stomach
How about a vanilla bean ice cream instead of the plain vanilla?

If you would still like to visit the Waffle Slayer despite reading this and wanting to settle for less…
Do note that they are so particular on their closing time that they will come by and remind you repeatedly
Forcing you to down your waffle even if you’re still not done with your savoury dishes…
Be sure to exit the place before 10pm!

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
(10 minute walk from Outram Part MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sun), Closed on Wed


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