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Menstruation is a very private monthly affair for all women and it’s essential to know how to prioritize personal hygiene and at the same time, take care of ourselves
I’m sure every woman hates this few days every month
The lucky few have it easy while the rest including myself have it the difficult way
with cramps lasting to more than a week before the actual menstruation
I count myself lucky for having just an actual 2-day menstrual flow
Lucky because I don’t have to go through the discomfort of having a sanitary pad affecting my normal lifestyle

This is how UUcare Sanitary Panty comes into play

Do You Know?

“Gynaecologist advice to women: Only use sanitary panties during your menstrual period”

“88% of Japanese Women use sanitary panties”

What is a Sanitary Panty?

In layman terms, I would say that you have specific panties set aside for your menstruation needs only
It is meant for holding pads with adhesive strips and should not be mixed with our normal daily wearing needs because the adhesive on the sanitary pads will still be on the panties though we cannot see with the naked eye
After being in contact with body heat, the bacteria grows even faster and may eventually cause harm to our body
Adhesive stuck on the underwear fiber absorbs dust mites and other forms of bacteria easily, causing a likelihood of cross-infection.

80% of the market pads adhesive contains a fluorescent agent that gets repeatedly stuck to the panties
and will gradually penetrate into the fibers of the clothing,
reaching the uterus through the skin, sweat and secretions
and potentially becoming one of the causes of gynecological disease

UUcare Sanitary Panty


The UUcare Sanitary Panty pack comes with 1 Sanitary Panty and


a pack of UUcare Sanitary pads of different lengths


One for Night use and one for Day use


And 2 sachets of UUcare Panty Stain Remover
which comes in especially useful whenever we get our sheets or underwear stained


The UUcare Sanitary Panty comes in sizes and I selected Large which fits me perfectly
Its seamless design also helps when we would still like to flaunt our #OOTDs with figure fitting dresses


Breathable Inner Lining
Crotch special breathable fabric with slim Elastic edging on both sides that are breathable and comfortable and easy to wash

How to Use


Unique Double Positioning Stripes are designed specially for sanitary pads, lining has a width of 7cm that fits perfectly to body curves

Double layers crotch are designed specially for sanitary pads with 90° angle wings to avoid them rubbing against tender skin of the thighs

Fold the wings of the sanitary pad into the gap/slot between the lining and the panty


For women with no thigh gaps, you will find it extremely comforting to know that there will not be additional friction between the thighs anymore!
The wings from the sanitary pads often cause discomfort while walking or even when I go for a run
The friction caused by the wings can give us sores on the surface of the skin

With UUcare Sanitary Panty, this situation is solved!



The Unique Crease Design at the back pulls panties upward from the crotch to haunch and prevents fluid from leaking from the side or back caused by twisting of the body


This allows the pad to fit snugly and provides me with a huge sense of security

UUcare Sanitary Pads


Fitted with pearl-like bump surface
Each pearl is hollow at the bottom, so that fluids can be absorbed completely
Greatly reducing the contact area of the skin and breathable, keeping body in a dry state
Fast water retention makes surface of pads dry and comfortable
And the 90 ° right angle wings, fits closely to the panties, preventing rubbing against inner thighs


The UUCare Sanitary Pads contain nano silver ion with 12-hour continuous antibacterial protection that eliminates odors and reduce the growth of bacteria
Making it more secure to use
It is made with soft cotton that is breathable, cool, fresh and odor-free

My Review


I am very impressed with the intelligence and thought given to the UUcare Sanitary Panty design
Usually we are less likely to achieve both comfort and design
but UUcare does provide these qualities together with functional abilities

The UUcare Sanitary Pads are slim enough compared to maxi pads
They’re just not your typical ultra slim ones and absorbency rate is actually pretty good~

Where to Buy

UUcare Sanitary Panty is available at Guardian, Cold Storage and OG retailing at $29.90
Every pack includes a panty, 2 trial sanitary napkins and 2 small packets of stain remover


One thought on “Review: UUcare Sanitary Panty

  1. Those pads and panties look so lovely and comfy! I wear big thick pads too, so need close-fitting panties to hold them in place.

    These look great!


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