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Review: Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe Singapore



I have been wanting to try this after reading many reviews and checking out all the facebook posts where my friends have joined the queues just for collagen soup
And last week, I made a dinner date with my lovely Cassandra
She prefers to dine at the Plaza Singapura outlet since it’s the pioneer outlet for Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe in Singapore

I arrived at Plaza Singapura #03-81 at 6.30pm and had to join the waiting list of diners eagerly wanting to have a collagen-filled dinner as well~
My table was finally ready by 8.15pm

I was already pre-emped that I will have to wait for more than an hour, so I had some snacks first to avoid starving myself



For the standard portion of S$25.00 per pax
we pretty much filled our tummies
But I understand it’s not going to be enough for most people out there
So, be ready to get more side orders!


The collagen based chicken soup is served to you in pudding slices
left to melt with heat under till you get your soup base!



There’s also chicken parts in it where I ripped some meat off


The servers gave us a small cup of the soup to drink before our meal started



This was all for two persons + noodles (below)
The portion was really too small but kept us satisfied


Theres 3 to 4 different kinds of noodles to choose from
I prefer the japanese glass noodles


I was waiting patiently for the pudding slices to melt


Placing all the ingredients for a cookout
It was a mere 10 minutes wait before we dug in
Looking at other patrons around us, most people ordered more side dishes and the soup can be topped up if required


At the end of it, I was really impressed when they served us this plate of cute drawing with chocolate sauce!
I went like: this is too pretty, all these efforts just to serve us 2 small pieces of jelly cubes?


As this was my first time visiting the outlet, they gave me a card and named me the assistant manager!
They have a pyramid tiering system where the more times you visit, you get promoted to another post
It’s kind of a mix between the standard retail loyalty system and seemingly an MLM grading system where they give you a designation for appreciating your efforts

Tsukada Nojo currently has 3 outlets:
Plaza Singapura
West Gate
Chinatown Point

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