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Review: The Entertainer @ Extra Virgin Pizza


Before attending this event on Monday, I’ve not heard to The Entertainer Application at all.
After reading up on it and having hands-on experience downloading the app from Google Play Store and redeeming my one-for-one dinner deal at Extra Virgin Pizza United Square, I’m really impressed with what The Entertainer can offer and have been telling my friends all about it!


Yes, the app with the smiley face!
The Entertainer is a Dubai-based company that provides over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers from Singapore’s most exclusive dining, leisure, wellness and entertainment venues. The app is available for free download across iTunes to Blackberry to Google Play since October 2013.

All the buy one get one free vouchers are good for use till the end of the year.


As a Singaporean, I’m sure we have all gone through this every other day

Friend: Where shall we meet for dinner?
Me: urm…. urm…. urm…. aiya dunno la, up to you lor
Friend: huh why up to me? I also dunno, shall we decide on the location first?
Me: ok! Vivo City!
Friend: There’s just too many outlets at Vivo City and I can’t decide which one to go to…
Me:…. So what now?!??!


We love our food, that’s without a doubt.
When given the vast availability of choices, we can’t choose~Decision making becomes a way tougher process than you can imagine.


This was what The Entertainer shows me when I launched the app at home
I reside in the FAR WEST, almost right next to Jurong Point
The Entertainer can locate you and throws suggestions of the different outlets that are in the vicinity to you~

If I’m in need of a facial or massage, I can happily pop into Mary Chia for a one-for-one 45 minute massage treatment
That’s just how easy this is.
As the MRT took me to Clementi, this refreshed screen showed up:


The Entertainer knew I’m just gonna be nearby Rochester Mall and tempts me to Ben & Jerry’s!


A touch on the SEARCH function at the bottom allows you to search for listings according to:

  1. Name of outlet
  2. Shopping Malls in Singapore
  3. Name of Hotels
  4. Street Name
  5. Type of Cuisine







The Experience at Extra Virgin Pizza showed me how easily my redemption can be done


I searched for Extra Virgin Pizza and the options came up


Touch one of the MAIN COURSE to redeem and it will prompt you a 4 digit password that you require from the staff at the outlet


Once he punches the code in, your one for one main course is redeemed!



Have you been to this newest outlet of Extra Virgin Pizza in United Square?


Ample seating space to cater for the peak hour dining crowd



The dim ambience and the furnishings makes you feel like a retro British pub in the middle of a freeway





Our first pizza was served:

As I’m not so much of a carnivore, I took the advice of the server who recommended me their STAR Pizza:Pistachio Pesto


For the veggie lovers, I know you’re totally in this with me!
Don’t Judge – if you’re thinking that this pizza has nothing but veggie taste..
You’re absolutely WRONG

The crust was so tasty and the mozzarella melts you stealthily!


After my affair with my veggies, The Entertainer announces to me that I’ve made a SGD$30 savings!
Enjoy the good food and Push that savings up!
Extra Virgin Pizza’s Full menu will be published at the end of this post

How to Get your very own Entertainer?

The Entertainer has generously offered all my friends and readers

20% off

till End April 2014

Take note of my special Voucher Code


and read on to find out how to make that purchase

27-3-2014 8-57-37 PM


As the Entertainer is international, we should be looking at grabbing the Singapore Package first..
So touch on the top option: Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014




This is where you will need to key in my special Voucher Code and APPLY COUPON

After the discount, your total bill should be just SGD$76
In Extra Virgin Pizza-terms, you will only need 2.5 pizzas to breakeven on your cost.
For every outlet, vouchers can be used in multiples and they are valid 7 days a week, except public holidays

27-3-2014 8-57-48 PM

Here’s a short video introduction of how The Entertainer works

Track your savings each time you use an offer
After every redemption, you’ll see your estimated savings.
The Savings Calculator function allows you to see just how quickly you redeem the cost of your Entertainer product, and how much you save throughout the year.

Going on holiday?
Access free Members offers in Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town and more on your Entertainer Global app!
Also, browse the offers for the full Entertainer Mobile Product for each of our 23 destinations.

Click for full sized image of The Entertainer FAQ


FAQ SG 2014-page-001


FAQ SG 2014-page-002





Chrome top from the ECO Friendly collection by H & M


Chrome Issey Miyake Baobao inspired bag


Chrome shoes that I just bought from Guangzhou!

It’s Chrome Madness for this season!
Chrome is finally in trend, I’ve waited for this for the longest time!
It’s one of my favourite colours to dress up in
~ futuristic and sophisticated ~


Click for full sized image for Extra Virgin Pizza Menu



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