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Review: Skyve Elementary Bar and Bistro


The Entertainers App brought me to Skyve this round
If you have been following my earlier blog posts, you would know exactly how to grab the one-for-one dining deals from the Entertainers App

Skyve Elementary Bar and Bistro

10 Winstedt Road Block E #01-17
Singapore 227977

Operation Hours:
Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 1:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm


The One for One deal applies to all main courses at Skyve


We were pampered by impeccable service from Chunky, the restaurant’s manager
The attention, recommendations and promptness made the entire experience a pleasant one!


To prep our tummies for the main courses, we opt for 2 appetisers to share
First up,
Sous Vide Egg & Spaghettini ($18/$34)
soft poached egg, spaghettini in truffle salsa, iberico ham, truffle hollandaise
available both in appetiser and main course serving

Go ahead to smash the flowy egg yolk and get a good mix with the pasta
the spaghetti works in a really unique way thereafter
It won’t be easy to forget the taste!



Seared Foie Gras Nigiri $22
Sushi rice, nori sheet, candied bacon, lemon tea jam

Dressed up like a sushi,
there was a tiny rice block beneath
bundled together with the melts-in-your-mouth foie gras
The rice soothes the absolute texture of the foie gras, just the way I liked it to be


The man of the table headed for the Squid Ink Pasta
& was even advised by Chunky that he may lose his charm in front of all the ladies if he went ahead to place this order
The brave man was persistent

Squid Ink Pasta $34
chargrilled chimichurri2 squid & king prawn, squid ink sauce, confit of cherry tomato, chives

The portion was fulfilling
and if you love squid ink pasta, you probably shouldn’t miss this!
I heard from the brave man himself that it’s one of the best he had!



PT has always been a beef-lady
She loves her beef to the core

Grilled Beef Rossini $40
beef tenderloin wrapped with smoked bacon, wild mushrooms ragout, truffle & potato mash, baby asparagus, veal jus

That was just a great piece of meat!
It was a little overwhelming for a lady in terms of the serving
but PT downed it all


Confit of Duck Leg  $36
sous vide crispy duck leg, maple carmelized seasonal root vegetables, tamarind sauce

Miss K went for Chunky’s recommendation
She really liked it as well!
I’m the lazy sort who wouldn’t want to work for my food
even if it means taking the meat from the bones
so the Confit of Duck Leg ain’t for me!



Cereal Crusted Cod $36
cereal and spice crusted cod fish, seasonal vegetables, soyu ginger vinaigrette

I went for the usual (boring) Cod
The cod fish is about the only fish I do eat
& this was PERFECT!
The cereal crusts is similar to those of the cereal prawns dishes you have
Having it paired with the cod, you get crisp and tenderness altogether in one

To make things better, I also had a glass of Greywacke, Sauvignon Blanc to blend!



Nobody else could stomach anything more after the main courses
I just had to have a go at the dessert

There was a tough decision to make between:

Snicker Bar $12
Salted caramel pudding, peanut butter, chocolate ganache, feuilletine, flambed bananas, vanilla gelato


Callebaut Warm Chocolate Molten Cake $14
Warm Callebaut chocolate fudge center, maple walnut gelato

and of course, you already have the answer on what was chosen eventually!

The snicker bar was a let go
since I didn’t really fancy peanut butter
but the salted caramel pudding was a huge teaser

You usually get Vanilla chip ice cream with warm chocolate cakes out there
and @ Skyve, you get Maple Walnut Gelato!
The fragrant maple snatched a wee bit of screen time from the molten cake


I still have another chance to be at Skyve
& you will be sure I will definitely utilise it!


Wow S$218 is probably a deflated figure
If I was to factor in the actual prices of all the main courses I had, we would have reached S$300 long time ago!

Wine and Dine with The Entertainers App!

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