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Review: Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner


I have never stopped procrastinating on washing my makeup brushes..
It’s such a tedious and time consuming process!

Traditionally, I would soak my brushes with soaped water overnight & wait for the pigments to sink out.
Then wash them again thoroughly and place them in paper towels to dehydrate them further.
Lastly, leave them to dry for the next couple of days.

This would mean:
I can’t use my brushes the next could of days!

& to make things work out smoothly for me, I would need another set of brushes!

Good Makeup Brushes are expensive and it wouldn’t make sense to own 2 sets of them for me
It’s been a blessing to have found the Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner
retailing at just S$12.00 in Sephora Stores.


I’m gonna show you how easy this can be:

1) Prepare your brushes to be cleaned


2) All you need is Tissues
To lay them below so that the spray doesn’t make a mess after


3) Direct the nozzle onto the brush bristles & Spray the Brush Cleaner


4) Clean off the residues from the brush bristles on tissues


5) Leave them to dry for the night

They are ready for use the very next morning, smelling great!


What do you see after dabbing the brushes off your tissues:


That’s my shading brush, so all you get is dark bronzy shades of brown
I clean them every other day so it’s not that dirty

For smaller brushes like eyeshadow and define eyeliner brushes, I clean them together to save the Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner liquid
1 spray covers quite a big area.



This saves me plenty of time and effort!
Definitely worth Trying!

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