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Review: OPPO N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone

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The Android based Oppo N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone gives you 3 solid reasons to
take a #Selfie


That Fleeting Moment!

Every day, we primp and preen before the mirror prior to stepping out and face the inevitable – Humid Weather. It may always be sunny in Singapore, but let’s face it – We look our best before the humidity attacks. So before the make-up oxidizes and the hair starts to frizz, there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and having the rest of the world witness that! Selfies can be used to document the things you love to do at that point in time, and of course the times when you feel you look good. Or just use it as an excuse to showcase your styling or makeup talent, whichever reason for that selfie, it’s all good!


Getting To Know Yourself Better

How much have you changed in a year? Should you go back to blonde hair? Are you freaking out over a new mole that you thought was never there? With the busy pace in Singapore, we sometimes forget to pause and focus on ourselves and the changes in our lives.
With selfies, you can take as many pictures as you wish, explore multiple angles and lighting environments. Flip through your selfies once in awhile and either grimace at the fashion faux-pas you made, or contemplate re-dying that hair colour that once got you that record-high number of likes.


Every Moment is One to Remember

Change is constant in our Nation’s march for progress, and as cliché as it sounds, time waits for no one. Seize the day whenever you can to capture that historic landmark or occurrence as your backdrop to your selfie – Whether it’s hail or haze, it’s a good conversation starter. Smartphones have allowed the convenience of having a photo diary with us wherever we go. Realising the potential of selfies, OPPO’s weapon of choice is the N1 Mini, the best selfie smartphone which boasts an impressive 13-megapixel camera which rotates 195° for extra clear selfies!


Thank you OPPO for allowing me to travel to Taipei with your N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone
I’ve never been happier taking Selfies throughout the trip
This post will be showcasing all the fantastic features of the N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone
As you could be able to tell by now, that the automatic beauty enhancing features have perfected my complexion and made my features way sharper!

Here’s HOW you work the OPPO N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone
The usual back camera of any mobile phone always gives you a better resolution compared to the front camera
What I would usually do is to download beautifying apps such as Camera360 and Meitu
which filters my Selfie shots to near perfection


OPPO N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone allows you to snap and upload instantly
It rarely requires a retake unless I didn’t model right into the frame.


Another amazing feature of the OPPO N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone
Allows you to take a .gif image up to 20 seconds
Above, I was trying to show our friends back in Singapore about the way Karen and I shopped for shoes and this is the mildest way we have shopped
The .gif image has been helpful in capturing a larger angle and tells a story by itself!



The interface of the OPPO N1 13 Megapixels Rotating Selfie Camera Phone
is extremely user-friendly
If you have been an Android user before, there’s absolutely no problems navigating the functions of the phone

Check out all my other Selfies that I have happily snapped during the trip!




The fateful night that we arrived at ShiLin Night Market
aiming to have our tummies filled
But I ended up eating about 30 fish balls at one go coz we were too busy shopping and had no time to explore food



The impromptu ferry ride to Yu Ren Ma Tou
caused much dilemma as I was worried about having to deal with sea sickness issues







Hello Kitty Cafe @ Zhong Xiao Fu Xing




Lovely namecard of the cafe!
Wish I can have one in my silhouette too!


Customised Kitty Napkins~
Too sweet to use




Eating a Kitty Pudding inch by inch…



Time to fix my hair at
Cutti Hair Salon
@ XiMenDing



How can you miss this?
Ah Zong Mian Xian!
Just round the corner from the salon!



We were both too happy with the finishing of our tresses!


@ one of the subway stations
Karen was amused to see this and insisted that the cat was my double image
She witnessed all my selfies everyday
So I should pose in front of it doing exactly the same action~



A visit to one of the many themed restaurants in Taipei
My all time idol!
Jay Chou!


Teng Yuan Tou Fu Dian
Initial D themed Japanese Restaurant



We hate to say this, but yea
we were on our way to Taoyuan Airport for our flight home
Not forgetting to capture our comfortable positions in the cab ride~




The nifty smartphone, which comes in two feminine colours – White and Cool Mint Blue, also packs a punch with Pure Image 2.0 – a photography enhancement solution for 24MP images and Super Zoom capability, to take your selfie to the next level!

The OPPO N1 Mini is retailing at SGD549 and available at all authorized OPPO retailers, including Singtel and M1 shops.


Storefront (2)_OPPO Concept Store

Recently, OPPO has opened its first ever flagship store in Singapore! 
Consumers can expect to test drive a wide range of smartphones together with other OPPO audio products. Yes, this concept store will offer more than just a showcase of products. It will organise bi-monthly workshops for its fans – Ofans, to meet with the OPPO team, learn more about OPPO smartphones and much more.

Storefront (1)_OPPO Concept Store

The OPPO flagship store is located at 8 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #01-627, Singapore 038983. It opens from 10am to 10pm daily.

Interior_OPPO Concept Store




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