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Review: My Little Tapas Bar with The Entertainer’s App


Working in Raffles Place?
& always looking for new places to dine at?
Well, if you’ve been walking the stretch of Boat Quay, you might have come across My Little Spanish Place
And just around the corner on the other side of the CBD area
The sister restaurant brings you another dining experience on Club Street at My Little Tapas Bar


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2 months ago, R & me jumped into the cozy place for food tasting


Located strategically right across from China Square Central
a decent short walk up the gradual slope and it’s the first few units on the right~

first thing I noticed was the beer promotion, however we are kind of on a schedule for the food tasting menu and was served this instead:


The ‘gin-toneria’ (which means ‘gin and tonic space’ in Spanish)
This was made from
London No. 1 gin

Priced at $24++


This concept allows you to DIY your gin tonics by choosing 1 gin and up to 3 botanicals.

$18++ (if you choose the regular gin)
$24++ (if you choose the premium gin)


Served in a rather large cup, this is definitely not your regular gin tonic
The concept is very applicable for those who love their gin and knows exactly what they want
However I forsee a lot of indecisive individuals who will just give up after reading the board
& may I suggest that you ask for the ice cubes to be removed
Since it’s such a large glass, by the time you’re halfway done, the drink gets so diluted that you will no longer enjoy it


Set in a traditional Spanish restaurant, here comes the meat
The review for the meat comes mainly from R since we all know I’m not a huge fan and will avoid meat at all costs


One of the owner, Chef Maria Sevillano who hails from the Salamanca region in Spain, gave us a quick guide on how to get a good cut of ham


which kickstarts the very first dish on the tasting menu


Jamon Serrano
Spanish cured ham


Croquetas de Jamon
Lightly fried jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes with alioli



Chorizo a la Plancha
Fresh grilled chorizo with caramelized onions and manchego cheese


Sardinas en escabeche

Homemade sardines cooked in vinegar, olive oil and smoke paprika, serve on toast bread, and pepper puree


Gambas Picantes
Fresh shrimp cooked in a dish of boiling olive oil with garlic, chili and smoked paprika


Patatas Bravas
Feisty fried potatoes with devil’s alioli

You get potato shavings instead of the chunks of potatoes as you might have expected


Homemade beef and pork meatballs in a rich tomato-based sauce


Sangria Tinta (Red)


Tarta de Chocolate
Award Winning Dessert by Chef Edward Esmero
3 layers chocolate tart with ice cream

The Chocolate Tart was the highlight of the night and sealed my food tasting session with sweetness
Simple as it seems, you will need to try it to know exactly why it’s award winning!
The entire combination of the crispy chocolate biscuit tart with chocolate moose and ice cream is just heavenly

Having spent a week in Barcelona and chomped down tapas for every lunch and dinner
I was unable to relate these dishes to the ones I’ve had in Spain
Perhaps My Little Tapas Bar aim to bring more authentic and traditional dishes to Singapore, hence there are twists and twerks to the tapas that we don’t usually have

I very much preferred the potato chunks for patatas bravas
which can give me the true crunch of a potato
the shavings here are like wispy potato chips and have not managed to capture my attention

R, being an avid foodie also commented that there was nothing outstanding for the meat dishes
Well, we might just have been people with a very different set of tastebuds…



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