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Review: Miss Molly’s @ Craig Road


Last Thursday, I went to Duxton Road
filled with hopes to grab a table at Pince & Pints
after all that raves and reviews of the S$48 lobster
However, a 2 hours waiting list wouldn’t even guarantee you a table at the end

My tummy was not able to take a risk like that
Hence, Karen, Raphael & me walked down the road for alternative eats
The Rainbow Cake in the display of Ms Molly’s along Craig Road
caught Karen’s attention and she decided to head in


I Love Rainbow Cakes too!!!
But it was a biased decision to head into a cafe where I wanted DINNER
and not just cakes


One Rainbow Cake led us to checking out the cafe’s menu
Hunger got over me and I needed immediate comfort food
We started with Truffle Fries and Spam Fries



The Truffle Fries was comparable to the ones of PS Cafe
The Spam Fries was just simply tasty!


Without the initially planned Lobster dinner, I had to settle for less
Tiger Prawns seemed like the next best substitute for my cravings
I ordered the Laksa Pasta with Prawns (S$13.80)

Instead of the usual tomato based pasta that we normally have
This was a fusion of Singaporean and Italian
It was like having spaghetti in laksa sauce
Indeed fulfilling and cured my hunger all at once


Raphael had his Rib-Eye Steak (S$18.80)
Prices were decent for the location and quality of food

Stumbling over Ms Molly’s was a pleasant surprice
Would I head back again?
Probably not specially for the cafe, but if I’m in the area
I wouldn’t mind!


Ms Molly’s Cafe

2 Craig Road
Tanjong Pagar

It’s a current trend to have the rusty/warehouse- looking interior design for cafes and even hair salons
I’ve been seeing too much of the same stuff recently.
This has gotten too common and going on with the trend is not always ideal


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