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Review: Models Own Nail Polish Remover


Models Own Nail Polish Remover

Dip . Twist . Go

Instant Nail Polish remover by dipping and twisting.
Infused with strawberry fragrance and Vitamin E, an essential oil, this remover reduces the nail brittleness, breakage and softens the cuticles.

Initially when I saw a similar product available in beauty stores, I wouldn’t have taken a second look at it
To me, the traditional form of removing nail polish should always work better than an improved (I would prefer to call it ‘lazy’) version of it
Recently, I was given the Models Own Nail Polish Remover to have a go at it
If you haven’t heard of the English Brand Models Own…


“Models Own is a fashion and trend colour accessory brand with cosmetics and make-up for eyes, lips, nails and face including eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, kohl eyeliner pencil, shimmer eyeliner pencil, neon khol pencil, glitter liquid eyeliner, lipgloss, lip and cheek blush, nail polish, glitter nail polish, cream nail polish, pearl nail polish, nail polish sets, glitter nail polish sets, neon nail polish sets, pastel nail polish sets, French manicure nail polish sets, nail file, gifts, vouchers, and gift vouchers.”


Watch this simple Review Video I made to show you how effective this Models Own Nail Polish Remover can be!


The Bottle basically comes with a sponge within that comes into contact with your nails when you put your finger in
I am more concerned that after dirtying the sponge, will the product still be effective?
This, I would only know after re-using it for the 15th time
So far, after 10 over washes, it is still good!
The scent of the polish remover also leaves a trail on my hand for hours!

Where to Buy

Available at
aLT @ BHG, John Little, Robinsons and selected Guardian, Sasa and Watsons
Retailing at $14.90


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