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Review: Korean BBQ @ HanPan




 means “One Plate” in korean
opens its doors recently at the beginning of  June 2014

A Korean BBQ place for a quick lunch before you head back to work
It is also a cozy dinner place where you can drink away the evening with soju and beer!


Located in the midst of Boat Quay
22 Lorong Telok

Walk along Circular Road and towards Bartitude
You’ll find HanPan shortly in the vicinity


From now till the end of June 2014
HanPan treats all their customers a Tiger Beer!
How nice it was to down a beer even before looking at the menu =p




The minimalist design of the restaurant makes it cosy to dine in
The cute cutlery fixated on the cemented walls makes you feel more at home~





Privileged to have Luna serving me that evening~


Your sweetest looking korean restaurant owner!
Luna is a partner of HanPan and she personally serves both lunch and dinner sessions!

The menu is lean at the moment, with your usual korean BBQ faves
They will be expanding the menu real soon after all the feedback from their patrons



I enjoy eating the little side dishes without ordering the main course actually
Since they usually top up these dishes for you and it’s like free flow
I could actually survive on them

But of course, you can’t do without the meat if you’re in a korean bbq place!
So I had my mild spicy chicken
If you are a frequent spice eater, just head on to the spicy servings as the mild one was just not challenging
Mr L had his beef
which was highly recommended by Luna
Thank you Luna for cooking, else I would never knew when the meat will be cooked enough to be digested



If you noticed that the side dishes are on the hot plate right there,
Luna says that it’s their style to bbq the kimchi and it tastes much better
I quite like it on the whole, crispy hot kimchi!

Drop by HanPan soon for an authentic korean experience!

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