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Review: Ivins Nyonya Specialities @ Kovan


It makes me wonder why this place would still command any sort of business after a short lunch there on Sunday
That totally pissed my brains out

Someone asked me: Why bother writing a bad review when the meal experience sucks?
Enough of writing good reviews, sometimes people just want to know the truth
Warning others from going through what I went through is considered a good deed as well

I can’t even be bothered to be taking photos of the place and food (above image is taken from another blog which also published a bad review for the place – credits below)

Singaporeans generally enjoy Peranakan cuisine and I would have never imagine it can go so wrong
Ivins Nonya Specialties @ Kovan Heartland Mall Level 2 deserved to be dismissed by all
in terms of both food and service
If you’d served good food, I would likely swallow my pride and tolerate your lousy service
But this is a double whammy in the worst way ever

1. The Smell

I walked out of the place smelling like a walking bottle of Belachan

2. The Dirty Tables

The aunties told us to hold on so that they can clean the tables
Cleaning the tables meant leaving traces of food from the previous customers for my review or what?

3. Ignorant Servers

Scenario 1: Standing first in line and waiting for you to seat us after ‘wiping your tables’ which are still left dirty
When you are done, you seated people who came after usWhen we explained that we came first, you completely ignored my statement and merely pointed left…
“Nah, you can sit there”

Scenario 2: Finally sitted, I told you that you can now take my orders, I know what I want
You turned your back to me and proceeded to take orders from another table

Scenario 3: You serve me one piece of Otah and rice for my friend and I
How pathetic is that?
The next dish took ages and I guess you’re just expecting me to finish my rice and cancel the rest of the dishes coz I’d be too full

Scenario 4: After my otah and half the rice done
(I wasn’t even expecting you to serve me water)
But can you please serve me the drinks I ordered before?
It’s just a can of COKE
Unless you’re telling me you have to place an order for Coke from Jurong – I might forgive you

4. The Food sucks!

This is one of the times that I would like to scream out: “My Grandmother cooks better than you!”
The sambal udang (prawns) ain’t even spicy
No traces of sambal, just some chilli bits and they had NO taste
Prawns were mushy – super unfresh

Sambal Kangkong is a huge disappointment
Not spicy and tasteless
I pointed out to the server and asked her: What’s this? Are you sure it’s Sambal Kangkong?
She replied: Oh, this is Garlic Kangkong
That is not even on ur blardy menu!

Alright…. forget all of this, I would just eat and leave but I would require my tastebuds to be activated so that I can forcefully stomach your tasteless food


Me: Can you give me more chilli please? I need to give your kangkong some taste…
Server: Miss ah, we sell chilli here at S$5 per tub


To the owner of Ivins Nonya Specialties,
I hope you’re reading this
I left a bad review on your facebook page as well
There was no option to select NO Stars and Facebook forced me to select a minimum of 1 star which I felt I was being too generous
I guess you’re just a lucky bast**d that your business survived till now, either that or the rental at Heartland Mall is just peanuts and you are happy to flush the money in your toilet bowl
For the record, I get better service anytime at Mcdonalds
Your staffs are probably rejects from other F&B outlets and you might have been too kind to offer them a job
I doubt I’ll be seeing much of your outlets anyway
If you’re that rich to be able to multiply this business model, please hire me
I’ll put everything in place for you.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Ivins Nyonya Specialities @ Kovan

  1. Their first store is at Binjai Park, maybe you should try there and give them a second chance. Although i do agree over the years their service has gotten worse. But the last time I ate there the food was still great. The sambal was a different kind i guess, maybe everyone has different taste. Just saying.

    1. Hello wm,
      yea I heard a lot about the first outlet at Binjai but have never got to try that. The sambal chilli served was superb though, but the chef probably forgotten some ingredients while cooking since the food was tasteless.
      Oh well, it’s a no-no and I hope for my friends and readers to never have to undergo such an unpleasant experience. Eating should be a happy process! =)

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