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Review: Faith in Face Assorted Face Masks


The Number ONE Hydrogel Mask brand in Korea has reached our local shelves
Faith in Face takes on a very modern and fun branding outlook
Upon receiving the package, I was truly impressed with the rose pink pairing with black and white images on the design of the box


Faith in Face literally tells you to have faith in your face!
No face will go bad unless you ignore it~

What’s a Hydrogel Mask?


For the last couple of years or so
cotton sheet masks are no longer the latest thing in town
Say hello to the hydrogel masks that comes in a set of 2
One for the upper face and one for the lower
Its stretchy and attempts to fit more snugly to your face
clings on tighter than any other cotton sheet masks


After opening the pack
use the smoother side of the masks to be on your face and leave the rougher side on the outside
I have been using many other brands with hydrogel masks before
& I’ve got to say that this is the thinnest hydrogel mask I’ve seen
The good thing about having a thin slice of the gel is so that it wont be heavy and prevents the masks from sliding off the surface of your face


There are 5 variations of the Faith in Face Masks and I will be presenting 3 of them to you:

After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask


After Shower Look Intro

Here’s my true blue after shower look
Hair still in a turban — the best time for the mask to be slapped on


Looks really “Hydro” isn’t it?
I totally dig this!
Ever since I started sleeping with the air condition on, I wake up every morning with cracked lips and peely skin around the nose area
& this morning ~ my skin was ALL still moisturized even after a wash

Black And White Film Star Hydrogel Mask


Black and White FilmStar Intro

Brightening masks are my favourite!!
This explains why I chose to go with this first when reviewing the product
My complexion needs loads of help with illumination & this gave me huge faith in my face!
See the before and after!


Standing under the same light taken in the same angle
There’s immediate radiance – much attributed to the moisturizing effect I guess!
Nonetheless, the illumination worked~

Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask



Nourish Me Intro

The function of the mask speaks for itself
& nourishment takes time
I guess it’s pointless showing you a before-and-after pic since there wouldn’t be much of a difference unless we use it consistently over a couple of months to be able to witness a strong change in the texture of the skin~


Nonetheless, I’m pretty impressed with Faith in Face
Restores your faith in your face!


These would be the other 2 variants which was not provided in the pack
They are also available concurrently with the rest!

Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogel Mask

Miss Invisible Pore Intro

Hold Me Tight Hydrogel Mask

Hold Me Tight Intro

Where to Buy?

Available EXCLUSIVELY @ Watsons!
$14.50 for a box of 3 sheets



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