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Review: Essential Combination Hair Shampoo and Conditioner


Just like facial skin having oily and dry zones is known as ‘Combination Skin’, hair that exhibits mixed behaviour like oily roots and dry ends is known as ‘Combination Hair’.
For people with combination hair, they might use two shampoos to target the two problems – light, clarifying shampoos target oily roots but cause hair ends to be dry.
Rich moisturizing shampoos target the dry ends but may be too rich for the scalp, resulting in build-up that makes the scalp oily.
Moreover depending on the thoroughness of scalp massage during shampooing,
the scalp build-up may not be thoroughly washed off, further causing the scalp to feel oily in a shorter time.


The new improved Essential range brings the best of both worlds to you!
With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology in the Light Finish Volumizing and Deep Cleansing Care variants,
you can now achieve moisturised hair ends while maintaining a refreshed, breathable scalp!



Interchanging between shampoos and conditioners everyday is what I have been going through anywayMy hair is heavy, thick and every strand is coarse
I never tried volumizing products and I was afraid that it might give my hair more fluff by creating spaces between the strands
making the entire hairdo heavier…

Essential light finish volumizing shampoo and conditioner gave no issues at all
I stopped resorting to hairmasks as conditioner as this was ample for my damaged hair



The Deep Cleansing Care shampoo comes in a clear gel form
Focused on deep scalp rinsing that takes away the oil and dirt
Leaving me clean tresses!



For a limited time only, Essential is also giving out a massage shampoo brush with purchase of shampoo and conditioner.
A massage shampoo brush is a common haircare tool in Japan and is used by the majority of Japanese women to help remove dirt and sebum more effectively from the scalp. The massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation.
Now you can have a scalp massage without going to the salon!

How to Use the Massage Shampoo Brush


Having a good grip of the massage shampoo brush before brushing your hair in left-to-right motions
Not in circular motions


I still remember decades ago when my mother showed me a different kind of shampoo brush and her intention was to rub those hard bristles against the scalp
On hindsight, that must have been a damaging act, scraping the first layer of our scalp away


Essential encourages the massaging of our scalp while shampooing with this soft rubbery bristles that bend at ease when come into contact with pressure


Love it especially when it’s colour coordinated with the Deep Cleaning Care Shampoo and Conditioner range!

Do Not store brush upright as seen above as it may damage the bristles
Rinse brush with water and store in a well-ventilated place upside don or hung with a string through the hole


Besides shampoo and conditioner, massage shampoo brushes are a common haircare tool in Japan and is used by majority of Japanese women both young and old
These brushes can be found in a substantial number of Japanese onsen facility and beauty stores!

Where to Buy

GEss_Shampoo Brush Banded Pack

Essential Shampoo 750ml + Conditioner 750ml with free Massage Shampoo Brush

in hot pink or mint green is available from mid-May 2015 at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores
@ $19.60

Free Samples


Keen to try?
Get your free samples of Deep Cleansing Care shampoo and conditioner from Essential’s Facebook Page!


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