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Review: Esmirada Orchard


Last week, the Entertainers App brought me to Esmirada Orchard
Catching up with my mates, the location fits all of us and since we have not stepped foot into Esmirada before
I thought we should give it a try since I have one-for-one main course deals with the Entertainers App!
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I made a reservation through Hungry Go Where
The online reservation system was hassle-free and very similar to what Chope can offer

When we arrived promptly at 7pm,
The restaurant was near empty indoors, while a few tables were occupied outdoors
but we were kept waiting by the greeting stand for minutes
unable to grab attention, that was a lil frustrating start to my dinner


Upon entering the restaurant and showed to our table,
I realised how bad the place smells

The pungent smog of overcooking in the kitchen actually hits you right there
My COS dress was infused with the bad smell and that instantly transformed me into a walking hag who seemed like I’ve been cooking forever in the kitchen without ventilation


I meant it when I said it’s near empty
The table settings are very suitable for larger group of friends coming together
There’s also a huge oval table that seats more than 12 people which is not captured here
That welcomes a feast!


A used champagne bottle as a candlestick stand is pretty creative
but it blocks the sight of my friends and I find it difficult to communicate through the candle in every way
so we requested for it to be removed
Not a romantic one after all~

Famished while waiting for more friends to arrive
we got ourselves some nibbles first

Esmirada serves Mediterranean cuisine
which means you can find spanish tapas, italian pasta and sorts
Kind of a mix


When it comes to tapas,
the Garlic Shrimps (S$19.00++) is a must for me!


Served with a small baguette
It could have actually been my main course if I had this all by myself
A generous portion for sharing too!


The Ham Croquette (S$13.00++)
was pretty melt-in-your-mouth


& how can you miss the Patatas Bravas (S$9.00)
Nothing special about it at all
I’ve had way better ones in Barcelona
Guess you can never compare the real deal to the ones on this island!


The Skewers on the menu were priced more than the other main courses
Iberico Collar Skewer (S$32.00++)
served with baked potato


The meat at the top of the skewer tasted way better than the ones below
I’m not sure if that’s the norm or if the chef was unable to have an even control over the cooking of his meat skewer…


The Rib-Eye Steak (S$38.00++)

The companying sauce was too sweet
takes the main flavour of the beef away
Presentation of the dish was just plain and almost distasteful


My Penne Arrabiata (S$21.00++) is comparable to what I had in PastaMania
Definitely not appealing
I couldn’t even finish a quarter of it


The Paella Valenciana (S$35.00++)
was probably the best dish amongst all
Usually Paellas are too salty for me
but this was just right!

I would say this is worthy to order and best to share among 2 people


On the whole, the company made the best out of it
I wouldn’t even return to Esmirada anymore on my own accord


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