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Review: Dinner @ DimDim The Hong Kong Pantry

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Mid December, I was invited to a food tasting session with DimDim
Located at Marina Link – The underground sheltered walkway from Marina Square to Suntec City and the Esplanade Circle Line MRT station

Dimsum has always been a priority choice when it comes to choice of food.
That’s why Hong Kong is my all-time favourite destination


Just a note to getting there:
If you’re coming from Marina Square, turn left when you see St Marc’s Cafe and head down the escalator.

It’s easier if you alight at the Esplanade Circle Line MRT station beneath Suntec City

Surrounding the restaurant…


That’s what I see from my seat in the restaurant
Eagerly waiting for dimsum to be served, I ordered a cooling Lemon Honey to start
easing my throat…


Being in a Hong Kong Dimsum restaurant, how can I possibly miss out the standard Hong Kong Milk Tea
also known as “Xi Mut Nai Cha”

So that’s my second drink of the evening~


Hong Kong Milk Tea [ S$2.60 ]

I would describe it as ‘gao’
As I’m quite reactive to caffeaine, this really caused me to be sleepless till late night =)Best for those who are in search for the real flavour

First up,


The Cuttlefish and Peanut Congee [ S$5.00 ]

Unlike other congee you would have tasted, you can still feel the rice bits
It’s not fully dissolved and still remains in the congee


Steamed Custard buns!!!Usually served in 3s
[ S$4.20 ]


also known as ‘Liu Sha Bao”


My favourite dishes in Dimsum are Steamed Custard Buns and Egg Tarts
I’m particularly familiar with the different kinds served across the globe

This custard bun has a significant flavour of the salted egg yolk
tends more to the salty side
While I am in love with both the salted and the sweet kinds
This one has captured my tastebuds so much I could down 10 of it

Do savour it while it’s hot for maximum pleasure
The skin of the bun is handmade by DimDim’s experienced chef


Steamed Cheong-Fun with Chinese Dough Fritters
[ S$3.60 ]

I would casually call this dish: “You Chak Kueh in Chee Cheong Fun”
That’s what we grew up with!

Rarely seen in Singapore
Uncommon to have this dish served in dimsum restaurants
What we normally have is Cheong Fun with Char Siew, Prawns or pork

Traditionally, this is really a dish to be served at most dimsum restaurants
I remember having this @ Maxim Palace in Hong Kong and also Tao Tao Ju in Guangzhou
Like I mentioned, I’m really familiar with dimsum across the globe =p

This is the first time I’ve been served with a special sauce though:


Peanut and Seafood Sauce


Dipping the cheong fun into the 2 mixed kinds of sauces
The combination is really heavenly~


Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun Coated with Crispy Butter[ S$4.20 ]
Usually served in 3 pcs

The golden brown colour on top of the buns shows how crispy the outer layer of the bun is~


What you get inside the thin crust bun:
Chunks of BBQ Honey Pork
Sweet and savoury all at the same time


Deep Fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll
[ S$4.60 ]

Quite a generous portion
What we usually get is minced prawns with flour for the fillings
Dim Dim serves you with fresh juicy shrimps and you see them in whole physically~


Steamed Prawn Dumpling
[ S$4.20 ]
“Ha Kau”
Usually serves in 3s

Typically known has Ha Kau to us
It’s the standard dish to order when we sit down in a dimsum restaurant
My mum have always told me that the Ha Kau defines how good the chef is with other kinds of dimsum
I beg to differ coz the times have moved in a larger aspect =p

One thing that my mum is right: She tells me that the skin of the Ha Kau must be translucent and thin enough to see the fillings of the dumplings
and I have always judged by that rule

This dish qualifies with the translucent skin and tasty fillings!


I left the yummy egg tarts to the end…
Coz best things deserved to be kept to the last!!


Mini Egg Tart
[ S$3.60 ]
Usually serves in 3s

Daily and freshly baked
The crust melts in your mouth and the rich egg creams up right after
The only bad thing about saving your favourite food to the last:
By the time I get there, I’m already stuffed
I am unable to loudly annouce that I can down 20 of these
As much as I wanted to, my dress will be shredded


Bustier Dress from LoveGloxina
Charm Bracelet from Juicy Couture

DimDim The Hong Kong Pantry
6 Raffles Boulvard B1-16, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
*Situated in Marina Link, near Esplanade MRT Exit B
Opens 11am to 9pm from Sunday to Thursday
11am to 9.30pm from Friday to Saturday

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