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Review: Curél Sebum Care by Kao – Before & After Pics


Curél Sebum Care
Made in Japan


It’s been a week since I’ve started myself on
Curél Sebum Care by Kao

Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skini, introduces a new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin types.
The Curél Sebum Care range – comprising a Foaming Wash, Lotion and Moisture Gel – offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both skin sensitivity and sebum secretion.


Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash


Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash (150ml), $19.80
Ultra fine foam with sebum solvent to thoroughly cleanse dirt and excess sebum while protectng ceramide.
1. Apply two full pumps directly onto wet skin.
2. Do not lather.
3. Gentle massage and rinse off thoroughly.


Curél Sebum Care Lotion


Curél Sebum Care Lotion (150ml), $24.90
Non-sticky formula prepares skin for better absorption of moisturiser / essence that is used after the lotion.
1. After cleansing, apply lotion gently over the whole face.
2. Apply twice daily, in the morning and at night.


Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel


Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel (120ml), $34.90
Liquid based gel spreads easily for speedy absorption into deeper layers of skin without leaving skin sticky.
1. Apply three to four pumps gently over the entire face
2. Apply twice daily, in the morning and at night.

My Usage Frequency:
Every morning and evening
twice a day
starting with the Foaming wash then lotion and lastly the moisture gel


What is Sebum?

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in mammalian skin. Its main purpose is to make the skin and hair waterproof and to protect them from drying out. An excess of sebum, however, can make the skin or hair oily, and it can begin to smell when broken down by bacteria outside the body. The sebaceous glands are usually attached to hair follicles, but they also exist in some hairless areas of the human body, such as the eyelids, where they add sebum to tears to keep the eye moist.

Sebum, along with sloughed skin cells, makes up the waxy vernix caseosa that covers newborn babies. Without this coating, babies would come out of the womb very wrinkled from the watery environment in the womb. Sebaceous glands often go into overdrive during puberty, much to the chagrin of teenagers, as the excess sebum can cause oily skin, odors, and acne.


Sebum is something both good and bad for us. On one hand, it protects and on the other hand, if excess sebum on the skin surface is not properly removed, over time, the sebum turns into harmful substance that irritates the skin surface and even the inner layers, worsening skin sensitivity.


Curél Sebum Care’s dual function to control sensitivity and sebum

One: Strengthening skin barrier function
Understanding the importance of ceramide in skin, Curél has made ceramide the key ingredient for all its products. Its hydrating and penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care is widely recognised by dermatologists in Japan and Asia. Apart from effectively restoring ceramide function in skin, Curél Sebum Care range also protects the skin’s natural ceramide while cleansing, effectively replenishes ceramide and retains moisture. When skin stays supple and fully moisturised, it is better protected against external irritants.

Two: Oil and acne control
Using one of the main ingredients found in royal jelly (10-hydroxydecanoic acid) that is known for its inhibitory effect on excess sebum secretion, Curél developed its unique sebum zero-in control technology, which targets and regulates sebum excretion from deep within the skin to control the root of the problem.
Curél Sebum Care range is also specially formulated to re-balance skin at its optimal pH level, preventing sebum from disintegration.
Infused with antiphlogistic, an active ingredient that relieves inflammation, the range helps prevent the occurrence of acne as well.


My Experience with Curél Sebum Care


For a start, I’ve always had combination skin where it gets oil on the T-zone


Though we can’t see much of a difference through the Before and After pictures (make-up-free)
My skin has shown that it is definitely more obedient in a way that it doesn’t shine through my make up anymore

The Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash is the first cleansing wash so far that has never left my face dry and tight
Most cleansing washes swear to be squeaky clean and still moisturizing, but I end up getting tightness in skin and have to moisturize big time right after
The Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash is light weight and leaves my skin supple and moisturized
Together with the lotion and moisture gel, my skincare routine was complete.

To top it up, I’ve also rolled skincerity over my face after the 3 step Curél Sebum Care to seal in the goodness
Result: Glowing radiant skin that allows me to step out Make Up Free!

How can I get The Curél Sebum Care series?

Like Curel SG Facebook Page

& get your samples here:


Alternatively, you may also get your samples through



Curél Sebum Care range is available at selected Guardian and Watson’s stores from 16 June.
For more information, please visit or



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