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Review: Crab in da Bag


Last Saturday’s Dinner was decided at the novelty joint

Crab in da Bag
@ Big Splash, East Coast Park

It’s like an angmoh version of eating chilli crab
yet with a feel of eating at your own home.

The concept basically stems from eating crabs and lobsters from a plastic bag and on a table covered with disposables
Dig in with your bare hands
That’s almost the tastiest way of eating crabs!

The Sailor-themed restaurant was packed with enthusiastic Singaporeans
Who love their food as always

The smell of seafood overpowers you once you enter the restaurant
& the smell actually lingers on till you shower~

Down to ordering…..


Ordering your crabs Caboodle is basically the highlight of the restaurant
Good to try, wouldn’t say it’s fantastic or special
Mum’s Special actually appeals to me more than their specialty, Caboodle


This is the first time ever I’ve seen Somersby Apple Cider on draught
S$8.50 for a pint
Sounds really good, ain’t it?


We’re all given a disposable plastic bib
Feels like an adult baby having dinner
Great coz I was wearing white anyway~


Before digging in, they layed the tools over the table
Scissors to cut up the plastic bag so we can grab our crabs!
Lemon slices to remove the fishy smell off our fingers!


The Alaskan Snow Crab Caboodle style


My Somersby Garlic Shrimps


More Shrimps in Mum’s Special


Sri Lankan Crab Caboodle style


Lobster with Corn as an add-on


The lobster’s pincer


So huge but nothing much inside
It’s real sweet though


<Ignore the mess on the table>
We weren’t quite sure if the lobster’s head was edible
we gave it a shot nonetheless
Disintegrated the head only to realise and confirm
Ok, We can’t EAT it!

The aftermath of dinner



It’s hell of a mess
But it’s gonna be real easy cleaning up for the staff
Wrap it all up and dump it!

On the whole, it was quite pleasant
The bill came up to $660+- for 9 pax
Not too bad at all
The portions were small though, be sure to order generously at the first go
to avoid the long waiting time

They were seriously shorthanded on a Saturday Night
Hence getting attention from the staff was really a challenge
Decide, Order and DO NOT change your mind!
Need a second round?
Order half way through your first round!


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