Review: Contours Express 29 Minute Circuit Training


Contours Express is an international franchise gym exclusive for women.
Their friendly gyms‘ stress-free, fun, and effective workout programs have helped more than 250,000 females across 700 locations worldwide to get in shape the healthy way and to experience a lasting change in their lives.

Setting a targeted day of the week to ensure that you head to the gym or out for a run
is essential to help keep yourself disciplined
For myself, I set Mondays for circuit trainings
Tuesdays for swimming
and Thursdays for a run

I was thrilled to know that there is a convenient location around my neighbourhood
and decided to go through Contours Express 29 minute Circuit Training


Why Circuit Training?

Many of you must be wondering why I have particularly mentioned circuit training and not just working out in the gym
For one, I have never found working out in the gym effective unless accompanied by a personal trainer
The lazy soul in me cuts myself the slack all the time and would stop the repetitive weights as long as I feel that my muscles are calling out in pain

Circuit training keeps my concentration level high throughout the session
with music and a variation of exercises that requires me to be always interested and looking forward to move into the next circuit
This way, it actually takes my mind off the tiredness that I’m experiencing


Contours Express have several outlets on the island and there is bound to be one near you
I attended the class at the Bedok Central Branch


Bukit Batok
Choa Chu Kang
Jurong East
Pasir Ris

For detailed locations, refer to:


Upon stepping in and within a glance,
I know that the facilities provided is more than enough for a thorough 1 hour workout~

The women’s only gym definitely makes me feel more comfortable when I’m working out, changing in the locker rooms and even plainly walking around
The specially designed 29 minute circuit training programme is a total body workout that targets to tone, burn calories and improve flexibility

Before getting started, I was asked to fill up a form that checks on my work out objectives…
List in terms of priorities for the following:
– Weight Loss
– Toning of body
– Health
– Flexibility

My main objective is definitely to tone my muscles and remain in good shape
Weight loss will be an accompanied result if you follow the programme conscientiously


Warm up

3 minutes on the stationary bike


There are screens around the gym replaying a video on the actual circuit
alternating between machines and a platform exercise
each station requires a duration of 45 seconds

You can start from beginners or moderate mode and thereafter progress to the advance mode
This workout is fit for all women in any age


Fitness trainers will come around to guide you on your postures and motivate you as you go along

The platform workouts are generally lunges, squats and it also incorporates a lot of kickboxing stances



Weight machines also alternates between working out the biceps, triceps, thighs and calf muscles


You can decide on how much weights to pile on
depending on your ability


After completing the 29 minute workout,
the trainer also helped me through some abs exercises and ensure I did 60 crunches in 3 different variations
To wrap up, she walked me through a set of stretching positions to cool down


I would say that you will definitely achieve a multiple of what you can get after spending hours in the gym by yourself
I totally enjoyed my session and granted myself a feast for dinner!

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