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Review: bSoul Shower & Bath Essentials

bath set

bSoul is a Tuscany (Italy) brand that cares about the health and beauty of every woman.
This is a range of beauty products with highly effective natural formulas and refined textures.
Simple but rich in content, bSoul is capable of providing all that is better for your skin, body and hair while respecting the environment.

Bsoul’s motto is to create bio-compatible natural skin & bodycare for users. Of course, price range is different as compared to skincare as the bath series is not 100% natural (to keep cost minimal for consumers) but we eliminated the harmful chemicals so that using it is still a joy for our precious hair and skin.

Completely free from oil derivatives, silicones and plastics
This range of shower products is suitable for all ages including children/babies.

Last early October 2015, I received the bSoul Bath Set that contains:

  • BS Shampoo
  • BS Conditioner
  • BS Shower Bath

The 3 essential bath items we all use daily
I had since completed the usage of the bottles and would love to share my thoughts on it starting with the

BS Shampoo


BS Shampoo is a mallow & chamomile shampoo for treated and all hair types – delicate & protective action.
Rich in vegetable cleaning agents, natural proteins, organic Calendula, Mallow and Chamomile, this modern shampoo ensures correct hygiene of the scalp, leaving your hair conditioned, with no static electricity and easy to comb after shampooing.
Although indicated for dyed and treated hair, it can be used on all types of hair.

BS Shampoo does not contain any petroleum derivates, silicons or plastic substances and therefore they protect you and the environment.
It is also organically grown.

Do note that in Italy, they suggest to use the shampoo dilute with water so that we don’t dry out our scalp totally.
Unless if you have on hair products or super oily scalp then it’s ok to use it as it is.

It was my plain oversight that I did not take note of the recommendation to allow the shampoo to be diluted and as a result I thought that the BS Shampoo was indeed too drying for my highly abused hair
It definitely leaves me with a ‘super cleansed’ feeling after the wash and I like that ‘cleaned-out’ and refreshing sensation!

Price: S$33 for 250ml

BS Conditioner


BS Conditioner is a mallow & chamomile conditioner for treated and all hair types – protective & moisturizing action.

A conditioning emulsion rich in natural ingredients such as certified organically grown Chamomile, Mallow and Rosemary. It endows special bounce to your hair without weighing it down, at the same time making a targeted protective action. Although indicated for dyed and treated hair, it can be used on all types of hair.

BS Conditioner does not contain silicons or plastic substances and the innovative quaternary vegetable substance used is biodegradable, making it safer for the environment than normal hair conditioners.
It is organically grown.

The BS Conditioner should be sufficient for most kinds of tresses other than bleached ones like mine
It manage to tame my hair after the shampooing, but I would still require a hair mask to soften the feel
That’s just for me. I would think that having organic based hair products should be the best on our scalps, at least we do know that there would be much lesser harmful chemicals that we unknowingly introduce to our shower time with other products.

Price: S$33 for 250ml

BS Shower Bath

Shower Bath

BS Shower Bath is a mallow shower bath for calming & refreshing action.

This delicate bath and shower gel takes care of your skin, leaving it soft and velvety. With new generation vegetable surfactants, enriched with hydrogliceric Mallow and plant extracts such as Chamomile, Oats, and Calendula, all organically grown. It guarantees thorough cleansing while respecting the body’s hydrolipidic layer. Its calming perfume lasts all day.
It is organically grown.

The BS Shower Bath produces a strong jasmine-scent and it is an acquired fragrance.
For people who are in love with jasmine, I am sure you will adore this!
I’m pretty neutral to BS Shower Bath and enjoyed its conditioning aftermath!

Price: S$25 for 250ml

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 bath set

This bundle set will definitely be more cost-saving at S$91


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