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Review: Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Liquid Foundation, Gel Eyeline & Lip Colour

This post, I’m showing you something I have never done before~
My naked face revealed!


Last week, I went on a tiny spree to replenish my depleted Bobbi Brown Eye liner in Black Ink
It’s the normal black eyeliner that requires you to paint with a liner brush from the pot.
I believe we all tried many brands and through trial and error, we decide what’s best for us…
& yes, Bobbi Brown satisfies my usage completely!


From what seems like replenishing an Eyeliner, I probed the kind lady over the Bobbi Brown Counter at Tangs Vivo City..

“I’ve seen many girls with glowing dewy foundation finish, do you have any product that can help me achieve that same glow?”

Tadaaa, the Luminous Moisturizing Liquid Foundation was introduced to me.

30ml for S$75.00

It’s a little hefty for that small bottle, but it was calling out to me
So, I was easily convinced when it comes to buying cosmetics
& it was the best decision to revert back to liquid foundation [small excerpt of the story provided below]


This is the product of my Bobbi Brown Loot:
Bold Eyes and Nude Finishing
1 hour after make up was done and has oxidised naturally



Starting off with my NAKED face …


Totally out-of-shower-look
Keeping hair out of my face before getting the make up done…
It’s by far the best way as having a hairband leaves dreadful lines & curves on my hair before they get blown

What goes below the foundation?

1. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
2. Estee Lauder Cyber White EX UV Protector SPF 50 – Light weight & non-greasy


3. BB cream – I have about 5 different BB creams in use constantly and they serve different purposes, for this make up of the day, I chose a BB cream that is Wrinkle-filling. (good for filling up laugh lines and other fine lines)
4. Estee Lauder Concealer under the eyes

Next comes the liquid foundation:


I have been using Ettusais 2 way power foundation for many years and in between I tried several liquid foundations from major brands & gave up almost immediately.

Common problems I have:
– Unevenness : difficult to get coverage evenly
– Heavy & thick : Face cracks up after a few hours
– Sticky : Make up feels sticky and greasy


Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Liquid Foundation in SAND
Looks lighter than my skin but blends in pretty well!


& a closer look…


According to the lady at Bobbi Brown counter, the coverage for this is more than the other foundations available in the brand.
That’s fine, I can always replace the lack of coverage with a BB cream that holds a high coverage content.

I applied it using my fingers
It has always been advised that using a foundation brush will help you to spread the foundation more evenly such that it doesn’t appear like you have pigmentations.
I never liked wastages & using a brush means excess wastage of the foundation on it and I still have to consistently clean and wash the brush  =p
Application by my fingers proves to be not that bad, I still acheived what I wanted in the end!

Look @ that glow!

Afterwhich, dust loose/pressed powder to seal your foundation intact

Application of Eye Colour + Bronzer
Captures the colours real easily
Just a swipe and the colours are prevalent
Doesn’t happen for powdered foundations and usually I have to brush on several times before my bronzer has effects


Tip: Always store your Gel Eyeline pot as shown in the photo above

I have always been complaining that my Gel Liner Pots are drying up by the time I’m halfway done with it…
I thought my liner brush wasnt washed properly but that wasn’t the case
It’s how you store your pot!
Put it upside down with the cover at the bottom at all times.
This will help the gel essence at the bottom to be evenly distributed so you won’t get excess grease when you are depleting the pot.


Simple lining to extend the look for both eyes…
making them seemingly longer


The Lip Colour was indeed an impulse buy…


I’ve never focused much on my lips when it comes to make up
Since we eat and drink all the time, then why bother replacing the colours after getting your lips wiped.

I LOVE Nude shades for the lips..
& this cream colour totally fits the bill!
Adding it on to my other Nude lip colours stash~


My Freshly Brewed Face~


You may find it too fair at this moment,
One hour down & the make up will be oxidised nicely!

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