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Review: Baja Fresh Mexican Grill @ The Sail


A new alternative lunch venue for the Raffles Place working crowd!

Located at The Sail #01-31A
4 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018986



Before the official opening, Renzze and me dropped by for a quick lunch
With Baja Fresh located just opposite One Raffles Quay, it was a complete sheltered walk from my office at One Raffles Place
My usual lunches comprise of salads, sandwiches and occasional local delights
Mexican food is definitely a viable option compared to the same old stuff I eat


An overview of our lunch

There was a lot of greens and tomatoes and that kept me a happy girl!
Healthy and tasty when coupled with some grilled chicken and prawns!


Always happy to spend time with my bff
especially now that we have committed more time to work
and no longer have all the flexibility to catch up as and when we want to


If at this point, you are wondering whether we finished the food….
and ordered an additional plate of the Quesadillas


The Spicy Chicken Quesadillas will be my best recommendation to you at Baja Fresh
The juicy and flavorful chicken covered with melted cheese goes perfectly well with the salsa on the side!
Right sized serving for an average lady’s appetite
While of course, we are definitely not going on a diet, so we can just enjoy an additional serving


Baja Bowls

Tortilla Bowl filled with Baja Rice, beans, veggies and salsa verde


We had both the chicken and the shrimp bowls!



I’m sure many of us are fans of Nachos
Since I never liked cheese (selectively, I’m only alright with mozarella)
So I’d like my Nachos to be with loads of salsa and some chicken
This is really how I like it to be!



Ffor dessert after such a hearty meal!
Accompanied with chocolate sauce, I would eat the churros without any sauce though
Having it on its own is already very yummy!



I’m definitely not someone who counts calories, but it’s good information to know what I’m eating
Baja Fresh encourages eating well and eating fresh!
This chart will help the health-conscious group of souls to make better decisions when it comes to lunching here!



Not everyone have time to lunch in the restaurant…
Baja Fresh Express also offers a catering menu that brings together the freshness of its regular menu and the flexibility to customise for corporate events and working lunches, all packed up and
ready to go in a convenient reusable bag, complete with utensils, plates and napkins.

*Minimum delivery order of $150, call 81574136** For delivery order less than 4200, Call Food Panda on 65898669 or visit

Baja Burrito

About Baja Fresh

In August 1990, Baja Fresh® Mexican Grill opened its first restaurant in the US, featuring all-­fresh, traditional fire-­grilled Mexican favourites.
Like many who grew up on fast food, it realised that it was time for something else, something different and something FRESH. Success was instant as customers realised they didn’t have to settle for processed and pre-­heated food or lots of fillers instead of flavours.
Baja Fresh Express continues to be passionate about serving the freshest food in bright, clean environments. It believes in the benefits of eating well, being active and making a contribution to the communities it serves.
It calls this philosophy “Live Fresh” and you’ll find this attitude in everything they do. From excluding the use of microwaves in its restaurants -­ to seeking the freshest
quality meats, produce and ingredients, Baja Fresh® Mexican Grill assures its customers of an outstanding meal on every visit.


Baja Fresh @ The Sail is open from Mondays to Fridays (7.30am to 10.00pm) and Saturdays and Sundays (9.00am to 7.00pm)



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